KCS Group CEO Ankit Sharma – The rising star of the shipping industry

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Ankit Sharma is one of the most talented and well-known shipping executives, with a wealth of knowledge gathered over many years in the industry. He is the CEO and managing director of KCS Groups.

Ankit’s company, KCS Group has made its name in the shipping industry because of the efforts and skills of its CEO. KCS has clients from all over the world and from both private and government sectors. This shows that the company is a great asset to the country as it takes all the legal regulations seriously. The company provides a complete inspection of buyer’s and suppliers’ products like minerals, metals, etc. The company’s headquarters is in New Delhi and operates in 8 countries, including India. The other 7 are – Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa. Their workplace has an employee count of more than 3000+.
Ankit has built excellent business strategies and created company objectives for both short and long–term targets easily attainable for the employees to keep them motivated. He knows only happy employees can keep the customers happy and satisfied. Also, Customer satisfaction is the primary aim of the company. Although the company headquarter is in New Delhi, it operates in more than eight countries. India, China, Russia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia are some of the countries where they function. The company has more than forty offices and connected laboratories. The company goes the extra mile to provide satisfactory results for its customers. Under Ankit’s guidance, the company has invested in upgrading its geographical network and enhancing its technical skills. Ankit has helped the company to increase its revenues to over 250% in just three years.

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