Karthik plays her own game versus Mounitha on the 20th of October 2022 written update for Karthika Deepam

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Karthik is questioned by Mounitha at the beginning of the episode. Deepa tells Mounitha of the day she asked Siva to take Karthik to the theatre so he could see Durga. To stop talking, Mounitha tells Deepa. Karthik offers his thoughts on her words. Karthik is asked by Mounitha to return home. Karthik claims that if I don’t consume the meal I prepared, it won’t be good. After deciding to give Durga a lesson, Mounitha departs. It appears that Durga is on the phone with someone. Mounitha is questioned by Durga about her reaction to witnessing Karthik and Deepa together. According to Mounitha, she would demonstrate how she will win Karthik’s return. As per Mounitha, his time is up. Durga resolves to exercise caution. How is the meal, Karthik queries Deepa. The cuisine is wonderful, according to Deepa. Karthik is asked by Durga if he’s coming home, and she informs him that Mounitha is upset. Karthik responds to Durga’s remarks. Karthik then departs. Deepa is warned by Durga to be cautious with Mounitha since she is preparing something. The warning is not taken seriously by Deepa. Deepa is reminded by Durga once more, who claims that Mounitha’s confidence is at its highest level since his arrival. Durga and Deepa discuss Mounitha.

Siva muses on Mounitha’s dislike of Deepa and Sourya. Karthik arrives and queries Siva about the whereabouts of Sourya. Siva claims he failed to locate her. Siva is delighted to see that Karthik addressed him by his own name. Siva assures Karthik that he will carry out his instructions. Karthik responds favorably and instructs Siva to spend all future nights in front of Deepa’s home. Siva muses for a bit before deciding. Today, Mounitha promises herself, she will take care of Durga. Deepa and Durga are also concerned about what Mounitha would do. Where is Mounitha, Deepa asks Karthik as she arrives. Karthik queries Deepa as to why she is inquiring about Mounitha.

The police are brought to the residence by Mounitha. The police detain Durga. Durga queries the police as to why they are holding him without any justification. When he is on the phone, Inspector shows Durga the footage that Mounitha recorded. He sounds like he can get away with committing a crime in the video. Durga is going to be taken to the station by Inspector. Karthik, however, stops the officers and informs Mounitha that the footage could not be accurate. Mounitha claims to be the videographer. If Durga is actually a criminal, why did Mounitha let him stay at their residence under the pretense that he was your friend? Karthik questions. Karthik also plays Inspector in the video of his first encounter with Durga and what she said. Mounitha’s suspicions are aroused by Inspector, who queries what they both done. Karthik claims that neither of them did anything, and he claims that he recorded the video because Mounitha had forgotten her history. Mounitha considers Karthik’s motives for preserving Durga. Karthik gets questioned by Inspector over this video. Durga invents a justification to persuade the inspector to flee. Mounitha is told by the inspector to stop wasting their time going forward. Karthik stops the police once more, presents Deepa, claims she faces a life-threatening threat, and begs for their protection. The Inspector queries who she needs to be protected against.


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