Karan Johar Slams the actor who can’t guarantee ₹5 Cr opening

Karan johar revealed in a podcast that an actor asked for ₹20 cr fee but can't assure ₹5 Cr opening at the box office.

Karan Johar spilling the facts of Bollywood Actor

Karan Johar is one of the important people who know the in and outs of the Bollywood Industry. Even some actors consider him godfather. Many actors like Kareena Kapoor disclose that “Karan house where all Bollywood gossip happens.” Karan Johar is ready to make a comeback in podcast after the break. In the promo of the show, he mentioned how he lost money in the film Student of the Year, which features Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, and Sidharth Malhotra. Even called the Telugu industry the money-making industry. Karan Johar revealed that his company Dharma Production started with two people, just like a startup on the master Union podcast. Furthermore, he recalls what Yash Chopra told him about the flop movie, “A film Never fails but a Budget Does”.

“My emotion and heart completely lie with the Bollywood industry. But if you ask me as a businessman which industry is most profitable, I will go for the Telugu industry. Furthermore, when asked about who earns which part of the film money, Karan replied “most part of the pie will go for movie stars, I will be murdered for saying this. But if the film opens at five crores and the actor asks me for twenty crores, Do you think is that fair? Delusion is always something that has no vaccine.” – Filmmaker added. Further in the video Karan talked about Black Money, and Says there is no irrational source of money in Bollywood.

Karan Johar on Actor problems!

The filmmaker always seems enjoyable on or off the sets. Even many actors appreciated his effort and relation towards them. But in the past Karan also slammed many actors for their irrational demands. In 2018 he said that some actors started believing that they have still that charm to draw an audience. They asked for a double-digit salary but can’t assure you of a good opening. Last year on the round table with Galatta Plus, Karan said, “Suppose I release a new talent whether it is boy or girl nobody is interested. For that, we have to promote the film that how can you recover your PNA(Personal networking Agency). This is how marketing goes and in that category, Hindi is worst.”

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