Kangana Said That “She Tried To Spot” Karan Johar At Padma Awards But Couldn’t Find Him.

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar’s weird relationship is not hidden from anyone. They are pretty awkward together. And it’s not a hidden fact that they have bitter sweet relation.

She has ongoing feud with Karan Johar due to issue of Nepotism. When she went to Koffee with Karan she referred to him as  ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ and ‘film mafia’. As a result of which their relation is not on good terms.

Not very recently she shared a video of her in the Instagram stories. Kangana shared a video in which she snubbed a award at 2007 Filmfare awards. Where she was seen not giving any attention to Karan Johar. The award show was actually hosted by Karan Johar and she was actually a new Comer.  Karan was announcing and said “This award has been decided by a public poll and I have been winning it for the past three years.” Then Kangana was declared the winner as she came to receive her award.

As Kangana walked away, Karan said, “Thank you, Kangana and congratulations. I am here,” and added, “If that matters at all.” On getting no response from her, he said, “Doesn’t seem to. Alright, okay, well done, Kangana.”

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They were invited for Padma Awards ceremony on Wednesday. Asserting that coexistence , Kangana said they both can exist in peace without any problem. But the whole Bollywood fans and industry know that the two film personality can exist n peace together. She said that if she would have come face to face Kangana would have talked to Karan. Both the personalities were at the ceremony to receive their awards. The event was held on Monday at the Rastrapati Bhavan.  “Well, we our ceremonies were at different times. I think they went out of their way to keep us on different timings,” Ranaut said while speaking at the Time Now Summit 2021.

“I tried to spot him around but he was not there,” she said. Asked whether she would have spoken to the director had they met during the ceremony, the actor said, “Of course”.

“There can be conflicts and there can be disagreements, but that doesn’t mean that you do not believe in coexisting… That’s what I speak about, coexisting and giving equal opportunities whether it is for men, women or outsiders, insiders, underprivileged, overprivileged, nepotism… I encourage co existence of all kinds.”

The actress said that she felt really insignificant in front of the other winners of the award. She also said that the winner were simple but enormous.

“Some of the people who walked in and took their honour made me feel so insignificant. Some of them were so simplistic and enormous in their presence. When they were introduced, I felt a sense of not being enough. Very rarely do I get that feeling. To witness such people taking their awards… I felt, am I good enough?”

She was actually referring to environmentalist Tulsi Gowda and Hajabba, an orange seller who builds who build a school in his village. They were awarded with Padma Shri for their work.

When she was asked about her future plans in the upcoming five years. Kangana said ” I definitely want to be married and happy. As a mother, as a wife, and of course as someone who is actively participating in the vision of New India.”

Ranaut also said that she is in a “happy place in love”.

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