Kangana fan of John Abraham? Tied the bridge of praise, said- ‘I have no words’

Kangana Ranaut is one of those actresses who is famous not only for her performance but also for speaking openly on every issue

Kangana fan of John Abraham?

Kangana fan of John: ‘Queen’ of B-Town Kangana Ranaut is an outspoken actress, who talks openly on every issue. Be it nepotism or groupism, Kangana is often seen targeting celebrities on issues related to Bollywood. Recently, she shared a post in praise of actor John Abraham. Kangana praised him in a post for John Abraham and told that he is one of the two people in the industry who treats people working in his house like family.

Kangana fan of John

Sharing a photo of John Abraham’s PETA Indian campaign. Kangana wrote, “I may have said a lot about the negative people in the film industry. But I must also never forget those who are genuine and inspirational. I have worked with John And I can’t tell you what a nice person he is and many may not even know because he doesn’t pay the media to sing his praises.

Actress calls John ‘amazing’

Kangana Ranaut further wrote, “He is kind and approachable. Does not do any marriage or relationship PR. Does not do negative PR for others. Does not harass or take advantage of women. Has no agenda or groupism. He Just an amazing human being. Love you John.”

The Actress spoke about John’s success

The actress did not stop here, she called John Abraham a successful person. He wrote in his second post, “There is an agent who provides house staff for almost all the people associated with the film industry. He once told my manager that all the house helps and drivers are treated badly by the people of the film industry.”

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Kangana further added, “In her entire career, she has found only two people from the industry who treat the staff like their family. One is John Abraham and the other is Kangana Ranaut. For this self-made man John Abraham Huge respect to someone who is not just a successful supermodel, actor, and producer but also a successful person in every sense.”

Kangana’s Upcoming movies

Kangana Ranaut has ‘Emergency’, ‘Chandramukhi 2’, and ‘Tejas’ in the queue. All three will be released this year.

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