Kabzaa tries hard to be KGF: Is it a flop show?

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha

After watching both KGF chapters, one surely has higher hopes.  At the very least, a respectable film to come from the Kannada cinema industry. When it comes to becoming a PAN-India film. Kabzaa is an action film that is in other languages as well. It is releasing on 17th March. Kabzaa offers everything one hopes for in a southern film: action, masala, a mafia world, and a love tale.

Poor Version of KFG

Many scenes and occasions give you the sense that you are seeing KGF, despite the film’s plainly lower production level, especially in the second half. The title song Kabzaa sounds like a revamped version of “Sultaan” from KGF2 because it uses the same rhythms and speed. A comparison is made between Arka’s character development into a top mafia and Yash’s ascent to fame as Rocky Bhai. He also mouths Rocky Bhai’s line about “disliking violence” in the exact same way, copying it verbatim. Yet unlike Rocky Bhai, the adversary in this novel is not the savior of ordinary people; instead, he lives in his own universe.

Storyline of Kabzaa

The storyline is as blatant and clichéd as it can be, but this time there is more violence. Actual head-chopping is taking place, and individuals are carrying heads in their hands. The plot is disjointed and has no sense of continuity. It has poor editing and is rather direct. In one scenario, the antagonist arrives in a helicopter despite the police officers’ efforts to safeguard the protagonist by blocking all jail exits. A romance subplot is in the story with no proper understanding. Madhumathi is a princess from a royal family who falls in love with Arka. She keeps approaching him even when she is in no protection.

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Arkeshwara is blatant and clichéd, an air force soldier who inexorably falls into the underworld in British-ruled India, and finally becomes a high-ranking mafia. Nevertheless, Bhargav Bhakshi, a cop sent by the British to eliminate the mafia and him, as well as his rivals force Arakeshwara to contend with chaos.

As Arkeshwara reaches the top, it seems like his life is simple. Without a gang, he is in conflict with every one of his adversaries. He’s never faced any challenges from his opponents. There hasn’t even been a dramatic circumstance where he might lose in the proper way. Up until the very end, nothing truly goes wrong with the hero; everything is perfect for him.

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