Kabini the forest the Hot Spot of Tourist.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Kabini the forest the Hot Spot of Tourist.

Karnataka is famous for its beautiful breathtaking scenery, monuments, Wildlife, and luscious green forest. Kabini Forest is one of the most beautiful and attractive forests for tourists all around the world. This beautiful Luscious forest is located in Karnataka. Kabini Forest rewards its visitor with only beautiful forests but also abundant Wildlife. The forest has its own charms and traditions. I’m Kabini forest no one is a tourist but the people who visit the forest are explorers. This beautiful Forest is the home of many wildlife species and even some endangered species as well. Kabini is the home of elephants, leopards, panthers, monkeys, sloth bears, crocodiles, sambhar, bison, spotted deer, and multiple other species of Wildlife.

Kabini is Famous for what reason. 

 Kabini is famous for its tourist spot and safari. If you happen to visit Kabini, you must try all the awesome safari that Kabani forest offers to its explorer. Kabini river is quite big and is beautiful for a boat safari. As you travel by boat, you will reach a beautiful mystic forest where the visitors can see rare birds, beautiful deer, elephants, crocodiles,s and many more. It is a beautiful and pleasant view that you will never forget.

The second popular safari is the Jungle Safari, probably the best way to explore. The visitors can book Jeeps or Minibus and reach the center of the forest and look at the beautiful nature and wild animals from close. As you explore more you might see the beautiful animals that are in abundance in the wild.

Kabini is the home of beautiful Black Panther. 

Kabini forest is spread over 55 acres and is part of Nagarhole National Park. Last year a photo on Twitter went viral after which people are keen to explore the Kabini forest even more. A wildlife photographer Shaaz Jung, and after he posted that picture it went viral and had 54000 retweets on the day it was posted and received over two lakh likes.

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Location of Kabini Forest

This beautiful forest was earlier a place of hunting for Mysore Kings but now is protected and open for tourism. It is very popular with wildlife explorers and photographers because of its rich wildlife availability. The wildlife reserve is located around 80 km from Mysuru and nearly 205 km from Bengaluru. This beautiful forest is located on the bank of the Kabini river. And is home of 120 tigers, elephants, leopards, birds, and even Black Panther as it was seen in 2020.

Other places to visit in Kabini. 

Nagarhole National Park: If you love Wildlife and wild animal this place is a must-visit. Nagarhole is the 37th tiger reserve in India and it is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Kabini River: the Backwater of the reservoir is famous for it Wildlife and is the best place to visit before or after sunset.

Kabini forest is a must-visit if you love exploring Wildlife, nature and beautiful scenery.




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