Kaatelal And Sons : A reality based inspirational story

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Kaatelal And Sons

Kaatelal & Sons is an Indian Television show. It is broadcasted by SAB TV. The show was premiered on 16 November 2020 and its genre is comedy. This show is directed by Ravi Bhushan & Ranjan Singh Kumar.  Kaatelal & Sons are released in the Hindi language and is a very light-hearted entertaining show. The story is about two twin sisters  Garima & Susheela who are totally opposite from each other. One sister is soft-hearted, wise & has her father talents i.e., Garima and on the other hand, Susheela is very short-tempered and likes boxing. But both the sisters love their father very much. The  story also  revolves  around their father Dharampal Kaatelal  Ruhail the owner of ancestral saloon  Kaatelal & Sons

The cast of Kaatelal & sons

  • Garima  Kaatelal played by  Megha Chakraborty
  • Susheela Kaatelal played by Jiya  Shankar 
  • Dharampal  Kaatelal played by  actor Ashok Lokhande 
  • Kusum played by actor Sahil Phull 
  • Doctor Pramod is played by actor  Paras Arora.

Release Date

This Indian light-hearted comedy was released on SAB TV  on 16 November 2020.  By Sony SAB Network.  Kaatelal & Sons are very much loved by the Indian audience at present.  But there is a recent report which said the show might get off-air soon by the end of August or in the first half of September 2021. The reason is not known yet but it is anticipated that the show is taken off-air because of COVID -19 pandemic.

Kaatelal & Sons Plotline

The show has a very interesting and catchy plotline. It makes it’s viewers cry, laugh ,  romance and the audience can literally feel every emotion. It has a total of 182 Episodes as of now.  Kaatelal & Sons  is aired from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm  and the running time of the show is 22- 25 minutes. The plot revolves around  two sisters Garima &  Susheela. Both the sisters want to win over their father’s heart and prove to him that they are not less than boys . In the series Garima  & Susheela wants to handle their  family business a barbershop by the name ‘ Kaatelal & Sons ‘.  The show is actually inspired by true story of Dharampal  Thakur , who owns a salon of the same name as the show.  The story is very motivating and help people start a conversation that dreams has no gender.

Kaatelal & sons is a real story based on a famous incident of Jyoyi &Neha Kumari who disguised themselves as boys to run their father’s barber shop in UP. They actually cut their hair short likes boys  and wore clothes like man and even changed their name to Deepak & Raju to support their family and keep their family business . The show is inspired by it although there is some bits of drama added to suit the Television audience. The show is premiered everyday from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm on SABTV  and also on Sony LIV app . Repeat telecast is also shown at 2pm on SAB TV

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Where to Watch ?

You can watch the whole show and repeat telecast on SAB TV channel on Television . Also  you can watch it  the full -episode online on  Sony LIV app that is available on playstore.

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