Julia Fox felt Like a Puppet in her past relationship with Kanye West

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Julia Fox felt Like a Puppet in her past relationship with Kanye West

Julia Fox addressed her past relationship with Kanye West. She asserted that he had “weaponized” her against Kim Kardashian while they were together.

Julia Fox felt Like a Puppet

Julia Fox felt like a puppet in a high-profile relationship after Kanye West and her whirlwind romance took an unexpected turn. According to the Los Angeles Times, at first, she had hoped for a healthy relationship with him. Julia Fox mentioned that she had a deep understanding of him on a visceral level. However, she also admitted that she learned quickly that she was being weaponized and felt like his little puppet.

Further exploring Fox’s relationship with Kanye, Rolling Stone emphasized how this sense of being “weaponized” ended up being the main reason their union only lasted a month.

In accordance to another interview Fox gave to PEOPLE, she might have decided to stay in the relationship. If she hadn’t had a 2-year-old son identified as Valentino so that she could to seek job possibilities. She explained that if she had still been that person back then, she might have seen it as a good opportunity. And said, “It’s a good chance, just go for it.” She emphasized, however, that she now has higher expectations of herself in terms of moral standards because she is a parent.

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This information offers a glimpse into the complexities of her relationship with Kanye West and how becoming a mother significantly influenced her choices.

Why did Julia Fox break up with Kanye?

In another conversation with Rolling Stone, Fox rendered an unexpected discovery concerning the unsettling triggers of their breakup. She was open about her refusal to act as a pawn in a situation where she felt mistreated. Perhaps more shocking is her declaration that West had limited contact with her because he wanted for him to concentrate on a concept other than his continuing issues with Kim.

Kanye West has since moved on and is now dating Bianca Censori, while Kim Kardashian has been sporadically hanging out with NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. The former couple, who had four children together, divorced amicably in November 2022.

As a result of Fox’s revelations, others will be better able to understand the complexities of her relationship with Kanye West and the challenges she encountered at the time.

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