Jordan Is In Hospital On All American Season 3, Episode 10

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

All American returned from its brief hiatus into Liv’s drinking problem coming out. Now it’s time for Jordan’s secret on Season 3, Episode 10.

Liv’s secret is out. And no, Spencer didn’t wind up taking the blame for her driving, but it helped that the automobile has been registered to Laura, and the police immediately altered attitudes during that. Yes, there is a whole lot to unpack there in their change of mindset, but this bit is not the place for it.

As opposed to going back to rehab, her parents and brother found a way to maintain her house and still help her. They’re working through this together as a family, which really warms my heart. 1 thing I love about Laura and Billy is they would like to put their children first, and they’re willing to listen.

While Liv will begin working through the steps, Jordan’s secret is out of the bag. Laura and Billy aren’t getting a rest from parenting issues right now!

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The question is that secret is? Can he tell them that he’s married to Simone or are the truth about the pills to prevent the headaches come up? Maybe both!

Jordan Is In Hospital On All American Season 3, Episode 10

We’re back to football during the episode. Spencer still has his eye on a future in football, but he wants to help his team score a victory this Season. Should they lose one more game, they can bid farewell to the playoffs, so the heat is on.

It’s also on for Jordan, Asher, and others. They need to do what it requires, and that leads to Jordan making a risky decision on the area.

In the promo for All American Season 3, Episode 10, we visit Jordan in hospital after taking a hit on the field. Might it be possible that he’s endured another severe concussion? Is this the way the truth is out about the pills he has been taking?

Concussions are severe problems, but nobody actually wants to acknowledge that. I’m very thankful All American has been shining a light on the risks and dangers.

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