Johnny Depp Has Officially Appealed After The Verdict In The Lawsuit Against The Sun And Amber Heard

A few days ago, as Johnny Depp is now boycotted by the Hollywood industry after his lawsuit against Amber Heard, his fans rejoiced in a particular victory. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor can count on the unfailing support of his audience, even after the lost verdict against The Sun, who accused him of “wife battering. “Last November, Judge Nichol asserted that the English tabloid had not lied and that 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of domestic violence inflicted on Amber Heard by her ex-husband had occurred. Disappointed with the decision despite the evidence provided by Johnny Depp rather showed the abusive behavior of the actress, he then chose to defend himself.

Today, Johnny Depp has officially decided to call after the trial verdict against The Sun, according to a public list of pending requests. For the moment, the grounds of appeal of the 57-year-old actor have not been released, nor is it known the date of the next hearing concerning this decision. Johnny Depp, who was ordered by Judge Nichol to pay 630,000 pounds to the group of The Sun, for legal fees will he succeed after he decides to appeal? Difficult to know … And above all, impossible to know what this would imply if the actor was finally found not guilty. Waiting, It’s a new video of Amber Heard that stirs the wrath of Johnny Depp fans after his inappropriate behavior.