Johnny Depp At War Against Amber Heard, This New Video Of The Actress Stirs The Wrath Of Internet Users

While at the moment Johnny Depp is boycotted by the Hollywood industry after his trial against Amber Heard, the actor recently scored a victory that has thrilled fans. Clearly, in this story, two clans clash and there is not a single person who does not have an opinion on the subject. Since the court verdict that ultimately pardoned The Sun despite the magazine calling Johnny Depp a “wife hitter, ” fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor have not taken off. And even more when Amber Heard shares a video on the Web alongside her little dog, rolling at full speed while his head was out. The problem? Amid his trial against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard accused the actor of behaving inappropriately with his dog … And here she is doing the same thing!

In response to this new video from Amber Heard, Internet users did not fail to protest their anger on the Web. You could read posts like, “Once again there’s video evidence of her doing these things, NOT Johnny!”, “ I’m pretty sure almost all of the allegations Amber has made against Johnny are something that she’s guilty of. She’s not even original enough to make it up ” or even ” It’s shocking. Who does she think she is? And who does she think the US is? She continually acts like we are unable to think. It infuriates me. ” You will understand, the story is not ready to end here! Johnny Depp, find out why he was so uncomfortable having to kiss Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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