Joe Mellen, man who drilled hole in skull to stay ‘consistently high’

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

To maintain a consistently high, a man drilled a hole in his skull. Joe Mellen, a former participant of the Swinging Sixties acid movement. He came up with a scheme to guarantee that he could continue to trip indefinitely through the antiquated practice of trepanation.

Any form of intoxication or drunkenness is bad! because it may have an emotional or physical impact on your entire life. Although many addicts have been mentioned in the past, the person in question has gone far beyond the limits of addiction. It’s thought that a man punched a hole in his own head. Joe Mellen, who learned about the trepanation method in the 1960s.

He had written about the process in his book “Bore Hole”

trepanation method

Mellen goes into great length in his book “Bore Hole” on how he made a hole in his mind to keep getting drunk all the time. He explains the issue we have as humans are the complete sealing of the skull once we have fully developed into adulthood in his book, Bore Hole. Which chronicles his attempts at self-trepanation. Removing the protective, thick membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord.

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Mellen has three times drilled holes in his own skull, not just once or twice. According to Mellen. He made his first effort in 1967. He purchased a hand trepan from a surgical supply store. Because he was unable to afford an electric drill at the time due to my financial situation.

The second time he pulled out the trepan there was a kind of ‘bubbling’ sound, and he thought he had made the hole, but the operation was still in process. He remarks, “The entire process took half an hour, and while I was initially in excellent spirits, I soon realized that, an hour later, my body had begun to feel light, as if I had lost weight.”

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