Jivanamrit – Bringing Ayodhya At Top Of Wellness Tourism

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Interviewer PR
Jivanamrit - Wellness Tourism

Jivanamrit is a wellness brand working with an initiative to enhance the standard of living in terms of the health of every Indian. With the vision of a disease-free and healthy India, they have begun their works in the field of health and have emerged as the fastest-growing wellness firm in India. JivanAmrit is working on turning Ayodhya into a wellness tourism destination in India.

The foundation of Jivan Amrit was laid back on 10th June in the year 1968 by Late Vaidya Ramshabd Mishra. His utter devotion for Ayurveda and working for mankind always kept him motivated to keep going with his noble work of serving people. Vaidya Ramshabd Mishra passed on his teachings and time-tested knowledge to his brother Vaidya Kedarnath Mishra. He very skillfully practices Ayurveda by the blessings of his brother and great Acharyas of Ayurveda. He has cured thousands of patients with various disorders, some in mild while maximum in critical situations.

Jivanamrit is working on the principles of Ayurveda and is progressively influencing a number of lives every day to choose a better future by opting for Ayurveda. Also, health and wellness products have been launched by jivanamrit towards which people have shown the deepest gratitude being benefited by the use of the products. The products launched recently are Vatamrit oil specially for joint and muscular pain, Dr.Kesh oil for healthy and disease-free hair growth, Immuamrit for better immunity, and Arshorid for one of the commonest problems in India I.e. piles.

Jivanamrit connects to India not only in terms of nationality but religiously and spiritually as well. They have begun their noble works from the Holy Land of India i.e. Ayodhya, the birth of Lord Ram. They are working with a vision of emerging Ayodhya as the leading health and wellness capital of India in next 5 years. Jivanamrit promotes the science of natural healing and offers healing with nature via Yoga, Naturotherapy, and Ayurveda. They are connecting various doctors across the country with various specializations, with aim of offering the best health care facilities to the people.

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Jivanamrit is also working on the initiative of promoting wellness tourism in Ayodhya. Ayodhya is now at the center of global attention with the construction of the Rama Temple. The holistically healing environment and vibe of Ayodhya connect a number of national and international visitors mentally, spiritually, and intellectually. Along with healthcare facilities rendered by Jivanamrit towards holistic healing methods like Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, it will also create awareness among people regarding the sacred believes associated with the Holy Land.

Likewise, Ayodhya is assumed to emerge as a junction where wellness and spirituality will connect in near future.
Jivanamrit invites people to visit their health care center at Ayodhya and grab the finest essence of nature and self, with a return gift of disease-free and stable mental and physical health.
They aim for Ayurveda to reach every heart and home.

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