Jio Launches Emergency Data Loan Facility For Users On A Pay Later Basis

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Jio Emergency Data Loan

Using a 4G or 4G+ network, the data diminishes very fast. Jio is the most popular sim vendor in India with a 4G network that has come in handy since the last pandemic for online classes and works from home. Jio has 1.5 GB and 2 GB per day plans already. Still, a majority of users find themselves in a pickle when the daily limit is exhausted. Data add-on plans are also in place, but they aren’t the best affordable plans for many.

Jio recently unveiled a new Emergency Data Loan Facility to help you get a slight data boost if your daily limit is exhausted. The new emergency data loan plan provides you with up to five GB data add-on as a loan. It can be availed in installments of 1 GB, thereby generating five times the loan facility. It has to be paid by the customer at a later stage, and the company hasn’t shared any concrete information about the payment process after.

To be eligible for a data loan facility, you must have an active base plan. Without a base plan, the loan facility isn’t accessible. It comes to the rescue of many students who cannot afford to spend money on data add-ons each day and might need a top-up some time. The loan facility will also come in handy if you want additional data. Still, it cannot buy add-on packs due to a problem with your bank account network. All in all, it is an excellent step by the telecom giant that will help the users in their time of need.

How to activate the emergency loan facility in Jio?
The MyJio app is a prerequisite to avail of the emergency loan facility. To quickly get a data loan, follow these steps:

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  1. Open MyJio and go to the menu and then navigate to the mobile section.
  2. Select Emergency Data Loan under Mobile.
  3. Tap Proceed.
  4. Select the Get emergency data option.
  5. Touch Activate now button.

Note: There isn’t an IVR facility to avail of the data loan, so your best bet is the MyJio application only.

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