Jharkhand: A sit-in meeting with the girl for sharing the video of Pakistani flag in Hazaribagh, slapped in the panchayat

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Sanghapriya Vashistha, Hazaribagh: A shocking case has come to light from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. On the charge of sharing a video related to Pakistani flag to a girl, first a panchayat was organized and a sit-in meeting was conducted in the middle of the rain, then indecent behavior was done. Tension prevailed in the entire area after this action taken by the youths of Muslim society. However, after pressure from Hindu organizations, two accused have been arrested.

what is the whole matter
According to the information, the girl had made a video related to the Pakistani flag viral. The incident is on Thursday, the day of Rakshabandhan. At around eight o’clock in the night, people who arrived in the number of dozens carried out this incident. The girl has accused three other youths of the village of entering the house and doing obscene acts. Among the accused Mohd. Nazim, Sajibullah and Hasim Firoz. The victim belongs to the only Hindu family in Simra village and lives with her widowed mother, elder sister and younger brother. In this regard, the victim has given an application in the Barkagaon police station, under which an FIR has been registered.

According to the information, on the basis of the viral video, not only a sit-in meeting was conducted, but before that the panchayat was seated, convicted and then slapped after the sit-in meeting. The family is in panic after the incident.

Police gave this statement
When talking to Amit Kumar Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Barkagaon on this whole matter, he said that a complaint has been received in this regard, on the basis of which 2 people have been arrested, while the search for the rest is going on, while there is a counter case in this. A team has also been constituted for which investigation has been done. However, police force has been deployed for 24-hour security of the girl.

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counter case
On this whole matter, Hazaribagh Sadar MLA and BJP leader Manish Jaiswal has given a strong reaction and said that today the politics of appeasement is going on in the Jharkhand government, as a result of which such incidents are coming to the fore. Whether it is a matter of closing the school on Friday or offering Namaz. In this case, the space for the counter case has been made forcibly because the viral video has come to the fore about the tampering of Pakistan’s flag. On this I want to ask what are the clauses in the Indian Constitution involved in tampering with the flag of another country. The answer should also come to the fore, thus the place where Hindus become a minority, if the government is not serious about such atrocities, it is very dangerous for the future.

opportunity to bake the bread of politics
Congress MLA from Barkagaon area of ​​Hazaribagh, Amba Prasad, while giving her reaction on this whole matter, has said that BJP has got a chance to bake the bread of politics while sitting, while this matter is not worth giving so much importance. He said that it is absolutely wrong to do this, but for this, constitutional policies have been made, action should be taken under that and is being done. While on the one hand, in the initial phase, every effort was made by the Hazaribagh Police to suppress the matter, while on the other hand, when the matter went viral on social media, the sit-in has reached the arrest after the demonstration, but the way the side and the opposition are united on this whole issue. Looking at the allegations against the other, it is difficult to say how much justice will be given to the victim’s family in the coming time.

(This news is based on the report filed with the police station. There is no personal argument or opinion of News24 in this.)

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