“Jehanabad—Of Love and War”: An exciting watch is a sweet love story set against a violent revolution

"Jehanabad—Of Love and War": An exciting watch is a sweet love story set against a violent revolution


As the song “Kaala Sooraj kale badal aur kaali shaam” characterizes the mood of a brutal, armed revolution, Jehanabad has a certain smell (charm), just like there is a peculiar, alluring flavor to a premium cigar. A romantic love story tugs at the heartstrings while a rebellion is raging in the backdrop in this new web series, which breaks out of the sea of patriotic spy dramas.

Jehanabad – of Love and War: The Storyline

After his most recent Netflix feature, Vadh, starring Neena Gupta and Sanjay Mishra, Rajiv Barnwal’s next project is Jehanabad. The series transports viewers back to the Naxal revolution in Bihar in 2005. That was led by people who wished to topple a caste-based system that made them different. Naxal commander Deepak Kumar is being held captive in a district jail. He was awaiting what has been called the most challenging jailbreak (Parambrata Chattopadhyay)

The perfect good boy, English professor Abhimanyu Singh, and Harshita Gaur, a beloved single child from a middle-class family, fall in love in the same town (Ritwik Bhowmik).

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Parambrata Chattopadhyay: A Force to be Reckoned With

However, many lives are at risk when the two stories collide. The couple’s wedding is scheduled for the same day as the disastrous jailbreak attempt, so as the stakes in the small-town love tale increase daily. A plan to free Deepak Kumar from jail also gains momentum. In a derogatory sense, Parambratta is appealing. In every episode, he makes a brief but necessary cameo and leaves a lasting impression. His intelligent persona is both clever and violent.

The main focus of the show is a love story. But, Parambratta’s character, who is the real driver behind how and why events unfold in this part of Bihar, plays a significant role. He executes it as skillfully as the Rajeev-written character. He has already demonstrated his mettle in the Bengali films Kahani, Bulbbul, and numerous others. The plot may seem a little predictable if you’ve watched too many thrillers. But it is surely engaging and let the viewers avoid distraction even for a second.

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