Jeff Bezos got engaged to Lauren Sanchez in his new $500M yacht during a French Vacation

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha

It can be inferred that Jeff Bezos strategically chose the occasion of his superyacht’s maiden voyage. And arrival on the French Riviera to propose to Lauren Sanchez. As he followed through with the proposal shortly after their landing in Spain.

Information from insiders who have direct knowledge reveals. Jeff  Bezos presented a 20-carat piece of jewelry in a location in Spain, either Ibiza or Mallorca. This event took place once they were on dry land. It was reported that the proposal was kept intimate, with only the two individuals involved. Additionally, they were successful in keeping the news under wraps for multiple days.

The Sanchezos took a private jet to Mallorca on May 15th. And stepped aboard the superyacht worth $500M for the very first time.

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Embarking for Ibiza on the 17th of May, they set sail towards their destination. Upon reviewing a photograph, one may notice the presence of a ring on her finger. Though it is faced in the opposite direction, obscuring the size of the sizable rock.

Upon reaching French territory on the 20th of May, the yacht smoothly sailed toward Antibes. It was during this leg of the journey. That the now-famous image of the soon-to-be-wed couple cheekily posing with a playful pat on the behind was taken.

The following day, they proceeded to Cannes. Where a sight caught our attention: Lauren’s hand resting on the railing of the vessel. Adorned with a ring that was nothing short of conspicuous.

The reason behind Lauren revealing the rock on her ring was finally uncovered.  When their guests, among them her former partner Tony Gonzalez, arrived at the event. The secretive act was no longer a mystery.

Sanchezos were jubilant on the evening of Monday, basking in a romantic atmosphere and exuding upscale elegance while on terra firma.

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