Janmashtami is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fanfair all over India

Janmashtami 2022

Celebration of  Janmashtami  commemorates the birth of lord Krishna with lots of emotion.  In the month of Bhadrapada it is an indication to the Hindu calendar. According to menology by lunar the Ashtami tithi will begin on August 18 and it will end on the postdate. Meanwhile the only  festival is celebrated on accustom of both the days, a lot of people will observe a fast on the couple of days.

Facts about lord Krishan, the avtar who was much ahead of his times

Lord Krishna

In accordance with Hindu religion, Janmashtami holds a immense significance in Indian mythology.  Back then Lord Govinda was born 5252 ago. Shri Krishna lived 125 years, it was all started in 18th July 3228 B.C in the month of Shravan. When Krishna was 89 years old, the mega war also famous for Kurukshetra took place the reason of death after the war. Krishna worshiped as 108 of names, in respective places.

Kanhaniya in Mathura, Jaggannath in Odisha, Vithoba in Maharashtra, Srinath in Rajasthan, Dwrakadheesh in Gujrat, Ranchhod in Gujrat, Guruvayurappan in Kerala

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Devotee of Lord Krishna, believed that he is the only person , who knew the past and the future, while he lived at that present moment always.  Krishna has two parents, biological father and mother are Shri Vasudeva and Devaki. After a certain time being he got adopted by Yashoda and Nanda. Though he faced everything and everyone with a sense of responsibility and reminded unattached. At every turn, he had challenges throughout his journey. His followers are truly inspired by Krishna’s life stories.

Krishna is incomplete without Radha

Radhe Krishna

Lord Krishna and Radha share a pure love connection for one another. As trust by people Radha was Krishna’s soul partner. Explained in Hinduism as the combined forms of feminine as well as the masculine realities of God. Krishna and Radha are the primeval forms of God and his pleasure potency. Symbol of honest love, before we took Krishna’s name it always says “Radhe Shyam”. However the things take swivel because Radha go through a curse that she will be separation from him. So far Radha and Krishna never got married to first birth.


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