‘It’s a myth that Hi-Tech Print enhancement solutions are expensive,’ says Parag Shah

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The printing industry has seen rapid growth in recent times with a value of over 225 Billion INR. And is expected to compound to 250 Billion INR by the year 2024. Almost all the industries like Retail, Media, Advertisement, Business Development, Event Management, and many other segments heavily rely on the printing industry. This makes the printing industry evergreen.


There are times when the work is being done at the backend but the final user is not well aware of the process happening at the backend. This is where the printing industry is upgrading to new technologies. That will help you in several ways, makes it cost effective for the users and the printer both. The new machines are now eco-friendly makes work, quicker and can be operated by anyone and everyone. This is actually changing the face of the printing industry in India.


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We are talking about

Here, Hi-tech has been playing a significant role. They have always worked towards bringing innovative break-through in the Indian market. Hi-tech has been a leading player in the printing industry. They have helped over 1700+ customers to excel in the printing industry with their best quality products. They are known to bring innovation to this industry. They are established in the year 1989 with 33+ years of excellence with uncountable testimonials vouching for their work. Hi-tech has earned every bit of it.


They offer a 360-degree solution be it installation, hands-on training, or after-sales services for all their Print Finishing Equipment and On demand packaging and label.printing . The service support is available and easily accessible from all the major locations across India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Cochin. Hi-tech deals with a wide range of products including Digital Printers, Commercial Offset Printers, Photo Album Makers, label printer , packaging printers and others.

There is a Myth

With saying all that there is a myth that the people have in their minds is that the products are expensive. However, to this Mr Parag suggests that “it’s all in the perception. When we are getting a product that is eco-friendly, your work can get completed in lesser days in comparison to other machines.”

He elaborates the reason for this is, “our machines are high-tech and they complete the process by cutting the time to 1/5th against conventional method as well as save on paper as well. This reduces wastage, increases your turnaround time and anyone can operate these machines. He also shared his experience that one client is a specially challenged person, and he starts using like a pro within half an hour of understanding the mechanics. So there you are saving upon not only the skilled manpower but the number of staff employed too. I am saying this coz our customers have experienced it, with their 33+ years-long working with our machines.”

 Time to know Mr Parag Shah better

It is been said that the company’s health is directly proportional to the thought process of the founder and here we have one such visionary who is leading the firm, with growth steadily for over 30 years. Before coming up with his firm, he is fortunate to work with the leading Xerox India for 19-years. He has represented prestigious brands like Motorola, Hitachi, Airtel, and BPL besides Xerox. Parag is the first person to sell Apple Macintosh in Mumbai in the year 1987. His client list does have some eminent names such as Shammi Kapoor. The first person to sell Apple Mac , Xerox Majestic and DC 12 and DC6060 in Mumbai for Xerox India was him. Makes Parag Shah a visionary and sales leader too! Indeed he has proved himself as a torchbearer with strategic vision. Parag has been honoured by Tajurba as the Best Regional Director for 22 consecutive terms. He has a personal mission to help bring positive change in the life of 100,000 people.He was the first one to introduce innovative breakthrough technology in Print Finishing equipment and to bring a Digital label press<15 lakhs to print 1 to 1000 meters of labels. 

Reasons Hi-Tech is delivering value

This is a fact that Hi-Tech provides solutions to enhance the volume with quality of work. With their innovative print solutions, the user is able to save paper worth over 18 Lakhs which makes it eco-friendly and saves our mother earth. Over these many years, Hi-Tech is one rare firm in India which has successfully installed 2700+ print solutions for 1700+ clients across India. They have understood the value of client relationships. Therefore they are proactively working towards excellent after-sales services. This has resulted Hi-Tech in achieving recurring clients over and again who make up 50% of their clients. We can very well say that they are contributing value-driven propositions in the printing industry.

This would be even more interesting to know that Hi-Tech has recently installed a unique project of one book (hard case) solutions at a leading publishing house. Further, they are planning to come up with hands-on experience for the clients where the user can use the machine themselves and understand how they are unique. Their machines are sourced from Germany, the USA, France, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. 

Stand with honesty

The times have been changing and in these changing times, it is vital to have such firms who stick to honesty. When they have a quality-driven approach, their intent is clear that they are here to build a brand name for themselves and not here to make short-term money. In a way, they are leading with the right thought process. In India, we do require such founders who have their ethics still intact and are able to run their business successfully.

When someone says with all such awesome things that you are expensive then it is like saying that I want to buy a cheap diamond. Most definitely you would have understood the right context of saying this line above. Therefore, people may say whatever they wish to, but those printers who wish to stay longer in the industry will definitely know what to have on their premises.

Vision for India

This will be a very beautiful vision where India will be considered at par with the Western world, not only in ethics but also in technological breakthroughs as well. The way we say India is a hub for IT, similarly we will be able to say that India is a hub for the printing industry. That can only happen when we stand with those who are genuine and right. With 30+ years of experience, we can very well say that Hi-Tech is one such place that can lead the Indian printing industry to another Global level.

Here the HiTech is leading the way where they have been crating new definition of “buying expensive machinery”. Where in reality the cost may actually reduce. And you are saving upon other costs which are not associated directly with the major machinery cost. However, have huge impact on the overall operations cost of the process of printing. There we can most definitely say that it is a myth that the print enhancement solutions provided by Hi-Tech are expensive.

Hi-tech have been a trendsetter in brining new advancements for the Indian print enhancement market time and again. That too with a consistency of 30+ years!

To connect with Mr Parag S Shah: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hitechparag

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