Is Younger Season 7 coming in 2021?

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

All about the seventh season of Younger

Younger will be back for more episodes – and fans are celebrating!

Producer Darren Star has thrilled audiences for a few years, and now, after six seasons, Younger will return for his final year.

That’s right, after a turbulent journey through the New York editorial scene, the series will end its plot in the seventh season.

Younger tells the story of Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), who struggles to find a job in the publishing market after leaving the job market 18 years earlier to raise her daughter and become a homemaker. However, after a complicated divorce, Liza finds herself living in Brooklyn with her best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar). But he ends up committing a big lie, pretending that he is only twenty-six years old to get a job as an assistant to the famous Diana Trout (Miriam Shor).

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Throughout the series, Liza engages in romantic relationships with the handsome young tattoo artist Josh (Nico Tortorella), as well as his “oldest” and handsome boss Charles (Peter Hermann). Also, she becomes best friends with Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and PR Lauren (Molly Bernard).

But, of course, she successfully hides the fact that she is, in fact, forty years old … most of the time. Now that Younger’s last season is officially on the way, there is sure to be a lot of drama and secrets revealed to come.

From the cast to the plot and the release date, here’s everything we know about Younger’s seventh and final season!

Release date

At the time of publishing this story, there is still no confirmed release date. However, in the United States, the series has changed channels and, will go straight to Paramount + streaming.

Streaming debuted in Brazil, only the series has not yet entered the catalog. So let’s wait!

However, rest assured: the seventh season is scheduled to debut in 2021. As soon as you confirm a date, we will update this story.

Younger Season 7

Who will appear in the seventh season?

The entire Younger cast, including Foster, Duff, Hermann, Shor, Mazar, Tortorella, and Bernard, is set to appear in the series’ final season. Charles Michael Davis, who plays Kelsey’s competitor and love interest, Zane Andrews, will also return.

However, some of the previous guest stars may well appear, especially those that proved crucial during season six.

Jennifer Westfeldt, who plays Charles Pauline’s rejected ex-wife, will almost certainly repeat her role … Especially considering that she dealt a huge blow to Liza by revealing her true age to everyone at the end of the sixth season.

Other popular guest stars, including Tessa Albertson (Caitlin, Liza’s college-age daughter), Michael Urie (author Redmond’s manager), Kathy Najimy (Lauren’s mother Denise), and Paul Fitzgerald (Liza’s ex-husband, David), among others, they can return for the last season.

Spoilers: what will happen?

Based on the short teaser released to announce Younger’s move to Paramount +, there is still a lot of intrigue in store for Liza and her gang. Many of which will depend on the disclosure of Liza’s secret.

Although many of the main characters in the series have slowly learned about Liza’s real age throughout the series, Pauline’s shocking – and very public – announcement will almost definitely cause professional problems for Liza in the future.

When you also take into account that the sixth season ended with Charles proposing Liza in marriage – without showing us Liza’s answer – there are many unanswered questions ahead.

As for the supporting characters in the series, the sixth season also brought a lot of changes for them. The season ends with the wedding of Diana and her plumber boyfriend, Enzo (Chris Tardio). Also, Josh is embarking on a lucrative new venture with his tattoo shop, Inkburg, and Lauren has launched his own public relations firm.

Meanwhile, after Charles is no longer the public face of Empirical Publishing, he offers his board seat to Kelsey, who was looking for a job elsewhere. She readily accepts and joins the empirical family.

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