Is Season 2 Of Daybreak Actually Happening?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Fans of the postwar thriller series Daybreak just can not get enough of their favorite zombie apocalypse survivors along with the Ghoulies. Whether you recognize them as a Cheermazon, part of the 4-Hers, among the Disciples of Kardashian, or a Daybreaker, you’re super pumped to find out what happens to favorite characters as they continue to survive the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles beneath the palms of Turbo and the jocks.

So what’s next for Josh, Angelica, Wes, and the rest of our favorite adolescents? And what’s going to happen next as they continue to struggle against Ghoulies and navigate this new world that they live in? Here is everything you need to know about season 2 of Daybreak…

Is Season 2 Of Daybreak Actually Happening?

Considering that Daybreak just started, it is still too early to say whether the show will return for another season. But fans of the show should definitely keep watching and telling their friends to observe, so they bring the series back for season two.

When Will Season 2 Start Filming?

While the series hasn’t been renewed yet, after it does, it would make complete sense for the show to start filming again. In fact, the producers have already talked to Netflix about thoughts for season two.

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“We have not formally started season two, however, we have talked about it and I have heard [the other producers] say stuff out loud and where I’m like,’ oh my god, they’re [Netflix] gonna say no. There is no way,'” series co-creator and executive producer Brad Payton informed Seventeen at New York Comic-Con. “And they are like,’ we love that!’ And I’m like,’ what the f*CK is occurring? Like this really is the best place !”

Who Is Will Be Coming Back?

As this is the apocalypse, anything can happen, including a few of our favorite characters not living to see two. While the throw will not be confirmed before the show gets renewed, there’s a fantastic chance we’ll see all of our favorites come back as long as nothing happens to these personalities.

What Is Going To Happen In Season 2?

We will surely see more of the tribes and the way everyone is trying to live to the apocalypse with their parents and other adults. We will probably see more of our Daybreakers seeking to live and the way the apocalypse continues to shape these figures as they learn more about themselves and this brand new life.

When Does Season 2 Come Out?

Depending on how quickly the show gets revived, there is a good chance that fans will simply need to wait a season to see what happens in season two. This means we’ll most likely see more episodes about October 2020, which makes it ideal for Halloween!

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