Is Outer Banks Season 2 Out On Netflix?

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Since Outer Banks season 2 wrapped production, we are beginning to learn more and more about the Outer Banks season 2 release date and if it’s going to be coming to Netflix.

The crew and cast affirmed Outer Banks season 2 had ended filming in April 2021. So, we were expecting a late summer or fall release date for the new season.

It should be said that nothing official has been declared by Netflix. Until then we won’t know for certain when the new season is coming outside. We are just trying to make sense of the rumor mill and figure out when Netflix will schedule the Outer Banks season two release date.

Is Outer Banks Season 2 Out On Netflix?

Not yet! The rumor mill seemed to get a lot of fans expecting the new season in April 2021 or sometime this spring. That was one year after the show proved, and in years past we’ve discovered new seasons of Netflix shows approximately a year apart. Therefore, it’s simple to see how fans were confused.

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With production wrapping this spring, the season isn’t on Netflix yet. That would be way too fast of a turnaround for the new season. Generally, we must wait at least four to six months from the end of filming before a new season is added to Netflix, minimum.

When Is Outer Banks Season 2 Coming Out?

According to Outer Banks celebrity, Johnny Alonso, Outer Banks season 2 is coming to Netflix sometime this summer! Alonso shared a movie while doing some ADR work on the new season.

When we hear summer, I think our minds jump to, for example, June or July. That is what my mind does anyway. Unfortunately, Outer Banks season 2 is likely not coming to Netflix in June or even July. I mean it could, but it’s much more probable that Netflix would launch the season in August or early September, just based on when filming ended.

I wish they’d have the season done in time for the Fourth of July weekend. That would be the ideal time to release the new season. It is most likely not going to happen, though.

Anyway, the fantastic thing is that Outer Banks year two is coming shortly, just not that soon. Expect a Q3 release for Outer Banks season 2!

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