Is Balaji Murugadoss manipulating Shivani?

Meera Iyer
Meera Iyer

The Bigg Boss format always has one or two couples in a season. In the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, the lve track between Shivani and Balaji Murugadoss is slightly blossoming. Though Balaji declared that he has no attraction towards Shivani, they seem to be getting along really well.


Balaji Murugadoss is branded as arrogant by his co-contestants. But, Shivani doesn’t feel so. She said that he’s being honest. On Thursday’s episode, Archana took a jibe saying only one girl goes near Balaji. The latter then asked her not to say that again. Archana agreed too.

But when Balaji was having dinner with Shivani, he spoke about telling Archanan that he doesn’t want to have the mother-son bonding. Many netizens saw Balaji’s two-faced behaviour and called him out for being manipulative. Balaji is now friends with wildcard contestant Suchithra, Samyuktha and Aajedh to an extent.


This week, Balaji’s behaviour was questionable. The contestants including Sanam Shetty and Aari are planning to take up the matter with Kamal Haasan in the weekend episode. We will have to wait and see if Kamal Haasan would reprimand Balaji and call him out for his arrogant speeches and behaviour.

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