Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Artist: Hoang Dam Entertainment

Hoàng Đam Entertainment (real name Hoàng Văn Đam) – or many people call it with the name: Hoàng Đam, a name that is not strange to the 9x youth today. The young male artist has created many music waves with unforgettable songs in the hearts of listeners. Possessing a handsome appearance, sweet, warm voice and the ability to play many connoisseurs of musical instruments, he has attracted more than 100,000 followers on the page and thousands of likes and shares monthly in his songs. Hoàng Đam Entertainment play on facebook, youtube, tiktok, spotify, soundcloud. Recently, he has been particularly successful with a series of songs such as: “Nhạc thư giãn”, “Ngẫu hứng”, “Hello“… Not only touching the hearts of listeners. people who enjoy it, each piece of his melody brings a sense of excitement, relaxation and messages that he wants to inspire. inspirational person.. It is known that his song “Nhạc Thư Giãn” is heard and loved by many young people and has been downloaded and reused many times on platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube Shorts…

Hoàng Đam was sent to study music by his parents in grade 12. And that was also the chance that brought him to art. My parents and close friends are very supportive of my passion for art.

Once I played music, recorded a video and posted it on facebook and youtube as a souvenir. Unexpectedly, this clip received a lot of attention and support from the online community. Since then, I have worked hard to write songs and cover clips to send to those who love me. The compliments and comments from everyone are the motivation for me to continue to practice to improve myself every day”, Hoang Dam Entertainment confided.

Not only active in the field of music, artist Hoang Dam is also known as a youtuber. He owns a youtube channel: Hoang Dam Entertainment with over 50,000 subscribers. Not only that, he is also a blogger. Hoang Dam designed his own website with many useful articles to share with everyone.

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We are honored to talk with “Hoàng Đam” to better understand the life, personality and passion of this multi-talented 9x boy.

Hi Hoang Dam, nice to chat with you today, first of all, I would like to introduce myself to the audience!

Hoang Dam Entertainment : Hello everyone. My name is Hoàng Đam, born in 1994 and currently living with my family in Hai Phong, Vietnam. I am not only passionate about music, composing good songs for everyone to listen and enjoy, but I am also known by many people as a youtuber, blogger in the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

What was your predestined relationship with your music?

Hoang Dam Entertainment : It was during the work process, sometimes I felt very stressed and tired… and I turned to music, partly to help myself reduce stress with relaxing music, and from there I love it, I feel more relaxed when it comes to music. That’s why I was attached to music, wanted to mingle and make friends with music. Music in me is like something indispensable, and it seems to be a part of my life, mixing a little spice, a little flavor for my life.

Can you share memories of your artistic activities with us?

Hoang Dam Entertainment : Yes. When it comes to music, the days that have passed for me are more meaningful and memorable. And maybe I will never forget the memories when I lived in the music. Whenever I’m sad, happy, lonely, etc. I always play music as a part to satisfy my passion, and when I am loved and known by many young people, my life is like that. somewhat inverted. And I can hardly forget the memory that the young audience gave me, a kiss, a hug is more than a bouquet of flowers, a valuable gift.

Where do your music usually release?

Hoang Dam Entertainment: I usually release on major music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube, SoundCloud… Currently on apps. My app has more than 50,000 subscriptions to watch and listen every month



Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming plans?

Hoang Dam Entertainment: In the near future, I will release new projects, not only songs, but I will combine many instruments, as well as with other artists like “G Entertainment”. I will explore and try myself in many different genres and promises to have many makeovers. I hope everyone will always accept, support and love me more.

Do you have something to say to everyone during this time?

Hoang Dam Entertainment: Thank you very much for loving me since I first entered this professional music path. And I hope you will continue to accompany and follow me in the near future. I promise not to disappoint my fans.

Thank you Hoang Dam for the conversation, wish you always success and receive much love from the public.

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