Instagram launches ‘Hacked’ Hub Find Everything to Know!

Instagram rolls out new tools to recover hacked accounts

Recently, Instagram announced launching a ‘hacked’ hub for assisting accounts facing log-in issues. According to the social media giant, hacked is nothing but a new concept, where people can resolve the issue of account access. Instagram made the announcement through its blog and wrote. “To support accounts access issues or issue accounts of hacking, we introduce you to a completely new destination where people can report and resolve the account-related issue.”- the message from Instagram on the blog. According to the report, Instagram sooner or later will come with an enormous feature that allows a user different ways to access an account.

Instagram Hacked Features

Furthermore, Instagram also wrote “If you can not access your account, just enter on your device browser. From many options, you can choose what you feel happened to your account. Like you think your account has been hacked then you can choose that option. Many more options like your account have been disabled, forget password, etc. After that, you just need to follow simple steps to take back control of the account. If you have multiple account access with the same information, just need to choose the account which is facing a problem.” The social giant also ensures they are testing different ways to prevent hacking on its platform before it happens.

“The first step will be the removal of the account if it comes under suspicious or malicious activity.  If the account impersonates other accounts they will be on the radar. That is in our community guidelines. Secondly, bad actors often don’t use the platform maliciously, we are testing a new feature that can give a warning if your accounts come under suspicion. Like, following requests can impersonate others.”- the social giant added.  The feature will roll out in the coming months. furthermore, the platform gave some tips to safeguard your account.

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