Inside BiggBoss OTT House: Raqesh Bapat kisses Shamita Shetty ;Karan Nath Names The dirtiest BB OTT Contestant And More.

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda

Raqesh Bapat kisses Shamita Shetty in BiggBossOTT

The Bigg Boss fans  are no doubt enjoying the new OTT season starring 13 contestants. But the show was defiantly missing the real love angle. Well, now it seems the show strolls through this gap as we look Raqesh Bapat waking up Shamita Shetty with affection with a morning kiss. Lately the housemates inside the house had also been found chatting about the newly developed attraction of Raqesh over Shamita since a while. But now its evident with the visual proof . The fans are having an aww moment watching the first genuine biggboss ott house love story. He is found leaning on her bed wearing a black kurta and a white pyjama. As Shamita Shetty ranges her hand , she is kissed by Raqesh no less than a princess.

Raqesh is single and divorced . He got divorced two years ago from his wife Ridhi Dogra but continue to be besties . Ridhi is also found extending her support in social media platforms. Apart from his parents Ridhi also knew the news of Raqesh participating the show.

At the same time we also know Shamita is single for quite a time.

Raqesh has not been seen doing any considerable deed so far. But the BB fans leave no chance trolling him over Shamita and gossiping about others.

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Karan Nath names the dirtiest BB OTT contestant

The show is already winning millions of hearts by its daily twists and drama. This week had defiantly pulled the attention of the audience.  This week saw the elimination of two such contestants viz Karan Nath and Ridhima Pandit. Ridhima’s fan have not expected her evacuating in such a short span hence was a shock for them. Karan had been playing a fairly decent game. After elimination he makes many interesting revelations. Talking with an interviewer he unveiled the dirtiest player of the house. He quoted that Nishant Bhatt is playing full-on with dirty politics. Adding him he refers him with the title Shakuni Mama. “ He is the Shakuni mama of the house involved in wicked planning plotting. ”

For the dilettante, the participants this season have made connections and playing their game side by side. Till now the connection between Pratik Sehajpal and Akshara Singh have been seen the strongest.But yesterday  we saw how Neha Bhasin and Pratik abandoned their individual connection for sake of forming new connection inside the bbhouse . In the recent tasl of Game of Hearts where the female housemates were believed to give away the red hearts to connection of their choices.

To check out for more updates about if they choose their own connection or switch for new connection lets continue watching BiggBoss OTT 2021.



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