Inside A Hustler’s Mind: Divesh Gupta

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Divesh Gupta

Twenty first century, the era of great inventions and beyond the horizon skills, has come to prove us many times that nothing is impossible in this world if we have sheer will. It is always easier to think of ideas but to turn that thought into a lively event, it is even beyond the spectrum of our conscious. Very few individuals have been able to achieve their long-awaited desires.

With that said, Divesh Gupta, a young entrepreneur, would be a perfect example for the current scenario. From his childhood, Divesh had a love for technology and was very much aware of the rising demand in this particular sector. He was quite mature for his age and that is what has actually made all the difference. He learned every bit of information he could get his hands on, processed it, customized it, and put all those things into making of what he is now.

Divesh Gupta is the founder of a digital marketing platform “Neusul”. His expertise on the subject with variety of skills that includes Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Search Engine Optimization and website traffic management is quite out matchable. With the right set of skills in hand he started his journey along with his friend and colleague, Waqar, who also happens to be specialist on the respective subject. After working along for quite a few times, they decided to take their venture in a new direction and that is how the “Neusul” originated on 1 January 2021. Divesh always had all the qualities that were needed to be successful in such a competitive environment. It was only due to his rigorous efforts, strong will and far-sighted thinking that their efforts were not in vain and their startup was actually able to show some results.

Only because of Divesh’s continuous learning, determination and will to succeed, “Neusul” is now one of the fastest growing venture in the field of digital marketing. As inspiring from the outside, Divesh is humble to the core. Divesh is a very firm believer of optimism and is always looking out for new opportunities even if it is as simple as helping someone.

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