Insecure Kids : 5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Insecure Child

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Raising children is a task. And, raising children that are emotionally secure and well-rounded person can definitely be difficult. As we know, no one is born insecure or underconfident. A person feels less of themselves when they are subjected to rejection, criticisms, unkind words. Parents’ behavior has a lasting impact on their kids.

Little children can be more prone to instances where they lose self-esteem. They can easily become insecure. With that said, parents should always look out for their children and uplift them in every situation.  No matter how stubborn and inconsolable they are, parents can make them feel more wanted and loved.

5 Tips To Help Your Child Become More Confident

Here are 5 things you can do to help your insecure kid,

  1. Create a kind and accepting environment:  Never use harsh words to straighten your children out. Rather, be kind and show unconditional love to win them to your side. When it comes to insecure children, being critical of them and nagging them is something that does more harm than good. Therefore, instead of using cruel ways of parenting, try to acknowledge their efforts and create an accepting environment. To help your child overcome their insecurities,  create a safe and affectionate space for them at home.
  2. Encourage them to try new things:  Push your child to try out different activities. For instance, you can help them explore various forms of art like dancing, music, playing instruments, or painting. Exploring varied interests can help kids develop a sense of identity. And, it is essential in building confidence.
  3. Appreciate their efforts:  When kids try their hands at new things, they are bound to face challenges and even failure. Here comes the importance of letting them know that you’re proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome. Tell them it takes hard work to develop new skills and you see them and appreciate them.
  4. Take their problems seriously and Offer Help:  When your child makes mistakes, parents should guide them through the process. They should tell them what they can learn from each of those mistakes. Usually, children indulge in self-pity and guilt which aggravates their insecurities. Therefore, parents should come in and offer help. They should communicate as clearly as possible and in a way that is reassuring.
  5.  Limit their social media usage:  As social media is becoming more and more incorporated into our lives, it can be a big contributing factor to your child’s insecurity. The seemingly perfect lives of people can get to the minds of kids.  We should teach kids that perfection is unrealistic. Kids often compare themselves to others’ lives on social media.  Therefore, it is important for kids to get that message as early as possible.


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