India’s neighbors are in Crisis as Nepal faces political uncertainty again

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
India’s neighbors are in Crisis as Nepal faces political uncertainty again


In recent times, India’s neighbors such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have been facing serve political and economical turmoil, while Myanmar and Afghanistan are virtually failed states. These countries have been struggling to maintain stability and address the changes faced by their citizens.

One of India’s neighbors Nepal is facing a deep crisis

Nepal is a Hindu Himalayan Kingdom that abolished its monarchy system in 2008. Ever since the political stability has shaken with 11 government seats in the Parliament. As politicians took interest in the power chair rather than providing proper governance to the citizens, especially marginalized populations. The Maoist Leader P.K. Dahal’s party decided to leave CPN(UML) headed by K.P. Sharma Oli and support the Neplai Congress Candidate for the Presidental post of Nepal. The gamed played in Katmandu is to turning India against China to acquire economic and infrastructure aid in return. Nepali politicians leave no opportunity to hit Indian political agenda.

Nepal might have faced an identical economic crisis as Pakistan or Sri Lanka if the Nepali rupee was not pegged to the Indian rupee at 1.6. Moreover, the country borrowed an unlimited amount of rupees from India. 

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The country’s economy has also been struggling, with high unemployment rates and low economic growth.

Myanmar and Afghanistan have been facing severe challenges in recent times. Both countries failed as states due to the political, economic, and social turmoil that has plagued them.

Myanmar, a country located in Southeast Asia, has been facing political instability since the military coup that took place in February 2021. With no hope for Burma to having democracy or semi- democratic polity in near future. The situation has deteriorated rapidly, with reports of human rights violations and a deteriorating humanitarian situation. The country’s economy has also been hit hard, with the coup leading to a decline in foreign investment and a slowdown in economic growth. The international community has responded by imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar, further exacerbating the country’s economic problems.

Several challenges of Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a country located in South Asia, has also been facing severe challenges. The country has been grappling with a long-standing conflict between the government and various insurgent groups, including the Taliban. The conflict has led to widespread violence and insecurity, with civilians often caught in the crossfire. The Talibans’s takeover led to a humanitarian crisis, with many Afghans fleeing the country in search of safety.

Pakistan is in shambles

Pakistan shares a long and contentious border with India. The country has been grappling with numerous issues on the social, political, and economic fronts.  The Islamic Republic has been facing economic crises with high inflation rates as the Pak Rupee – US Dollar rate is very high. Also, the foreign exchange reserves are at rock bottom despite the loans refinanced by big brother China. Although the country has a growing debt burden, it continues to play games with India. They encourage Sikh radicals in Punjab and prey on innocent Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley. Pakistan is an ongoing conflict with the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan over the Durand Lines. The international borders are elevating terror groups against the ruling Sunni Pashtun force.  Despite the fact, Pakistan is accusing the “Tehreek- e- Taliban “ terror group supported by the Taliban, of targeting the army and security forces in the Islamic Republic.


Sri Lankan country’s economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with tourism, a key source of revenue, all but disappearing with high levels of youth unemployment. Even though India helped with USD four billion as bilateral aid to Sri Lanka in 2021 to sustain the deepening economic crisis. Still waiting for IMF loan from Chinese for the debt sustainability analysis (DSA).


Bangladesh has not been caught in the same situation and the other neighbouring states as the general election 2024 is a head. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina faces stiff challenges from Khaleda Zia’s Nationalist Party, which has been out of power since 2006. With much crisis in the neighbourhood, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot lower India’s guard .


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