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India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers will be now seen on OTT

India’s most notorious serial killers would be now on OTT! Moon The Indie Cinema announces their next big project ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ which is set to release in the second half of 2022. The Devil’s Advocate is going to be based on a fictionalized version of INDIA’S MOST NOTORIOUS SERIAL KILLERS like Raman Raghav, Auto Shankar, Behram, Darbara and a lot more. This is the first time an OTT in India attempts on playing with real life serial killers on screen. The series would be following the story of a lawyer Samarth Singhania who only saves serial killers so he can eat them later. The series is set to be based on a supernatural action line and would be seeing heavy VFX. Moon The Indie Cinema’s CEO Mr Sankshay Babbar is directing/Starring as Samarth Singhania in the series. We see the emergence of a tech businessman and tech youtuber (Shutter and Voyages) Mr Amol Roy who is producing the project and taking a leap with the new genre that Moon is bringing for the audience. ‘The Devil’s Advocate is nothing like you’ve seen. It has action, VFX, characters who are too scary and dark and did I mention it’s going to be dark?’ says Mr Sankshay Babbar. The CEO turned actor/director hints towards a Dr Strange like action sequence in the series with a heavy blended crime thriller plotline. Moon has launched a nationwide campaign for casting as Moon promised involvement of fresh and new talent as promised in their previous interview in the Noida Press Club while announcing their reality show. Moon and Sankshay Babbar recently came live to the screen with their Dog based movie ‘Doggie Style’ where Sankshay Babbar and his Dog Arnold were seen on screen in a comedy drama. Doggie Style is a movie that all animal parents would love from the beginning to the end, it’s an emotional rollercoaster ride yet a happy movie, a piece of cinema which needed to be brought to the audiences and Moon did that. The star of the movie is none other than the cute, charming and handsome Arnold Babbar whose chemistry with his father Sankshay is what makes the audience go in ‘Aw’. They were joined with pet brands – Goofy tails, Eco Soft, The Barkery, ABK Imports, Color Pop Creations and Talking tails with Ria. After a successful first part Moon has announced a second part in works Moon The Indie Cinema has launched an exciting calendar for 2022 launching food shows, and a documentary series based on decoding mythological stories. Moon also launched it’s psychological thriller playing with the zombie genre and the lockdown in India, the series is live now called ‘21 Days’. Moon has set to be one of the cheapest and most pocket friendly platforms with a 32 rupees subscription and a fantastic handpicked indie film catalog.

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