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Indian Judicial System

India’s legal system continues to be plagued with corruption on many different levels. Whether it be through bribery, obtaining a desired day in court or any other unfair technique to influence the outcome of a trial. These India’s  procedures are employed at all levels of the court system. It used to influence numerous cases by attorneys, support workers, judges, defendants, and others.

Despite the fact that petitions and the use of bribery have made it possible for the public or anyone outside. The Supreme Court to choose which cases are hear by India’s top court of law. Also the Supreme Court is often only reserve for matters of the utmost significance or urgency.

The Judges Inquiry Act of 1968 allows for the impeachment of corrupt judges. At least at the High Court level, which is one level below the Supreme Court. However, this action requires the backing of at least 50 Rajya Sabha members or 100 Lok Sabha members.

Finally influencing the Public Prosecutor on the basis of F.I.R.

The prevalent nature of corruption inside India’s courts is the result of a number of causes. Including a lack of staff, case backlogs, various degrees of corruption in court proceedings, and many others. India has 18 judges per million people. One of the lowest rates in the world, according to The Guardian from approximately 2016. Many other countries have well over 50 per million, with the US having double that number at 107 per million. This may be somewhat a result of India’s excessive population and citizenry. It still severely restricts the number of trials that may be hear.

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In addition, the Supreme Court only handles roughly 2,600 cases annually. Which means the system had 30 million unresolved cases in 2015, according to the BBC. At this rate, the cases will never be resolve. The terrible aspect of this is that many of the justices. Who implicated in corrupt behavior allowed to resign with little to no consequences. Instead, there are murmur covert accusations that this is nearly the only penalty.

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