Indians are incensed by a technical issue at the Malaysia e-Visa service

Indians In Malaysia

A service breakdown in Malaysia’s e-Visa webpage, which resulted in the subsequent announcement of single-entry visas into the nation, has enraged Indians who wish to visit the country. Its Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi declared last week on social media. The fact that owing to the e-Visa portal’s service breakdown, the single-entry visa into Malaysia. That would be handled temporarily by the visa division at the consulates in Chennai, Mumbai, or New Delhi. This means that Indian people would have to hand up their visa applications in person at Malaysian consulates.

This is becoming very aggravating. the server has been down for about a week. Our plane ticket purchased and is non-refundable. They are now requesting that I travel to Delhi to seek for a visa. Is that truly achievable from anywhere in India? How are they making such an unprofessional comment  According to Amrita, a Twitter user.


Indian visitors who don’t want to go to the consulates in Delhi, Mumbai, or Chennai

What about the already uploaded applications? Despite the fact that visa cost already been paid and 4-5 days elapsed, the website abruptly crashed. In certain circumstances, will the visa be provided through email? Firdous Rawani tweeted that he will be visiting Malaysia this month.

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“We go in eight days. Pranjal Agarwal, an inhabitant of Bangalore, tweeted the Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi, “Hope you would process the visa and transmit it across email. The issuance of group visas for Indian visitors  temporarily halted under the single entry visa. The processing time for the visa applications, which cost Rs 1,000, is up to six days (RM57).

The older Malaysian e-visa enabled entrance within 30 days and had a three-month validity period. With the new visa regulations, Indian nationals who snap up non-refundable flights might lose money if they are denied a visa.

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