Indian Girl Trapped In Ukraine Says Food Is Left Only For Today

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Amidst the war in Ukraine, the Indian girl student, who took shelter in the bunker, said, the food left only for today

Foreign nationals are facing more problems, as cash withdrawal is not happening from ATMs.

New Delhi:

Due to Russia’s military action on Ukraine, Indian students trapped there are facing food and cash crisis. Shana Shaji, a 21-year-old Kerala student trapped in Kharvik town, said over the phone, “We have only food left for today.” He told that he has taken shelter in the metro bunker. Shaji is a medical student and she and other friends have taken shelter in the metro station since Thursday after the Russian military action. Connected to the outside world only through mobile phones, Shaji told that she does not know what is happening outside.

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She said that thinking that the situation had improved a bit, she tried to exit the metro station but came back inside the station after seeing military vehicles on the road. It is noteworthy that there has been an atmosphere of panic in the cities of Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced military action against his eastern neighbor. Shaji, a fourth-year medical student, said the people in the ‘bunker’ are getting frustrated due to the paucity of food items. She told, ‘When I entered the metro station, I thought that I would be taken out soon but three days have passed.’ Shaji said, ‘We are not getting the supply of food items. What will we do now? Cash is not being withdrawn from ATMs.

He claimed that most of the people inside the metro station are Indian citizens and are sleeping on the platform itself with mattresses and blankets, people are sleeping alternately in shifts for safety. In Ukraine, many people are trapped in bunkers while many are moving towards the border on foot. Shaji told that some of his friends have left for Poland. Indian student said – ‘I have lost contact with him. I don’t know where they are. A friend sent a message that he is leaving for Poland, since then there is no contact. 19-year-old Manogya Bora is also among those who have decided not to wait for help. She left for the border with her friends from the city of Lviv in western Ukraine.

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Bora said, “Based on the advice of the Indian embassy, ​​it reached Rava-Ruska, Poland’s first border entry point on Friday at 11 am. We had reached on foot eight kilometers, but they did not allow to cross the border after which we returned and went to other cities on foot about 18 to 20 kilometers. After that we stopped at the ashram. We have reached the limit now. Bora is also a medical student and is originally from Uttarakhand. Bora told that she was shocked to see that a large number of people were present there to cross the border.

Bora’s friend and first year student of medical course Kanishk told that there was an atmosphere of chaos in the city on the first day of the Russian attack. He told that people are buying more in panic due to which the goods in the super market are over. Foreign nationals are facing more problem, as cash withdrawal is not happening from ATMs. Kanishk said that the situation here is slightly better than other cities.


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