India Not Invited To Extended Troika Meet

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

A crucial meeting is to be held in Afghanistan which is convened by Russia, India has not been invited to attend the same. On August 11, the US, Pakistan, and China are expected to meet in Qatar to attend the meeting. The meeting is titled, “Extended Troika”. The meeting is held on the serious concern for political and security situation, that has been evolving fast, in Afghanistan, due to major offenses, by Taliban.


Russia is also holding the talks, ” Moscow Format” for the same motive, i.e. to bring national peace in Afghanistan. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said that Russia will work with India and other countries which can emphasize the impact on Afghanistan’s circumstances. He told the reporter, in Tashkent, “We will continue working with the Americans in the extended Troika format as well as with all other countries that can influence the situation in Afghanistan, including our partners from Central Asia, India, Iran, and the US”, further he said, ” We have a Moscow Format that includes all the main players.” There were perceptions based on the comment by Lavrov, that may be India will be included in”extended Troika” meeting held on August 11.

When asked, on Thursday, about not being invited to crucial Troika Meet, Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs, Arindam Bagchi started, “Our two countries share a special and privileged strategic partnership. We engage with Russia on regular basis in Afghanistan.” Farid Mamundzay, an Afghan ambassador to India, has been notified to hold the meeting on August 6th to discuss the Afghanistan situation. The same has been notified by TS Trimurti also, India’s ambassador to the UN, that the UNSC meeting will be held under Indian Presidency for the discussion on the condition of Afghanistan.

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Mamundzay tweeted, “Convening an emergency UN Security Council Session on Afghanistan is a positive development. UN & the International community must play a greater role to stop the unfolding tragedy in Afghanistan due to violence and atrocities by terrorists. Thank you, India for the lead role as UNSC president.” India, for the month of August, holds the UNSC presidency. India is also the major stakeholder of Afghanistan, with nearly USD 3 billion, for the peace and reconstruction of the war-ravaged country. It has always stood for supporting the country’s national peace and reconciliation.

Since the US began withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan on May 1st, the Taliban is making rapid advances in the country by declaring widespread violence. The US is looking forward to the complete withdrawal of its corps by 31st August. Although, Russia and the US have disparities regarding Afghanistan conflicts, yet both these countries are coming together for intra-afghan talks and put an end to the violence that has been committed by the Taliban on a large scale.

The “Extended Troika” meet is scheduled to be held in Qatar, which will be attended by Russia, China, the US, and Pakistan, on August 11th. These countries are the major stakeholders in the war-torn country, that promotes peace by resolving the violence.

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