India In Tokyo Paralympics -Pramod Bhagat Enters Semifinals, Mixed Day For Palak Kohli

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
India In Tokyo Paralympics

I have transformed my disability to my super ability ,if not I have been through this , the determination and zeal required for the game shouldn’t have kicked me , so that I can prove myself. These are words said by Ms. Palak Kohli .

In an age of only 18 years , and an unbreakable determination  , Palak Kohli is one and only paralympic badminton player who has qualified for the Tokyo paraolympics , in its three phases . Palak Kohli left hand is not fully grown , facing difficulties and hurdles in lige became common for her at a very young age.

She says that   “The moment I started facing the society , there attitude towards the physically disabled people was not at all helping me , there mentality towards disabled people is too negative. “

She never thought that she would be able  to play any sports in that very level , and take it as an passion. She was always being stopped from doing even her daily routine chores.

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Born in Jalandhar , 5 year ago met her coach Gourav Khanna . In year 2017 she started learning the basics of badminton , and surprisingly under 2 years she started gaining awards at an international level . At a very tender and young age she has reached the level of paralympics , ofcourse she has faced a  lot of hurdles during this journey , in which problems like bone marrow edema is also included.

But she herself always motivated , by keeping a chart with the pros and cons of her hurdles .

Promod and Palak lost their Group B play against the Chinese duo yesterday. They made their mind to win the match making it a bold start of the match. Hence they were seen moving in flying colors leading with 60-3 even. They were firm with the fact they they have to burn their energy and sweat to beat  the oopponent and grabbing the medals. The Thai oopponents were also seen with the similar spirit since their defeat against the Chinese and managed to risk their future in the event.

The pair were seen with some creative shots . The audience were left jaw dropped . The duo went on to clinch Game 1 in confidence in just 12 minutes with an amazing score of 21-15.

The second game was in the tougher side and in proximity with the Thai opponents when they took an early lead.

Despite this high spirited two parties the Indian pair stole the show pulling of one on one stunning smashesb and cheeky dropshots . Finally it was Indian team Palak and Pramod whoo ensured their place in semi finale just in the concluding span of 15 minutes. Hence Pramod and Palak reserved their semi finale ticket keeping the medal hope alive.


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