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India Happiness Index To Measure The Happiness Of Indians


The Global Happiness Index puts India way below in the country ranking and has factors that might not actually portray happiness. Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, an eminent and internationally renowned psychologist has come up with a matrix to measure internal happiness in Indians. He concedes that the Global Happiness Index does not factor the internal happiness and is only based on external factors like war, corruption, migrant satisfaction, and so on. So a company Ninelives Technology Solutions LLP with his two sons Jayesh, an IIM alumnus, and Jagrit, an Artificial Intelligence Researcher. Together they created HAPPEA and APPRISON, two apps that are foreseen to be the things of the future.

HAPPEA is an app that measures the happiness and peace of individuals, corporations, and institutions- both these factors are directly responsible for increased productivity and efficiency. APPRISON is an app that not just measures digital well-being but also provides solutions for mobile deaddiction.
The India Happiness Index has been launched on the 75th Independence Day and will study the internal happiness of at least one lakh individuals of all age groups and will be revealing the analysis of Indian happiness on 26th January 2022. This requires India to download the app HAPPEA from the Google Play Store free of cost and take the test. That’s the contribution expected from every Indian to be able to come up with a realistic happiness index, says Dr Jawahar. Post the India Index, this will be rolled out to the world. Ninelives has also come up with a Digital Wellbeing Index too that gives an indication of how healthy our digital habits are.

Dr Jawahar
Dr Jawahar

According to Dr Jawahar, Ninelives wishes to work on increasing happiness and peace in the world and a part of that is by improving the digital well-being of people. As a futurist, he feels that happiness will be a commodity that will be much sought after and digital addiction will be the most dreaded disease in the world. He feels that if India could work on both of these, then we will be the superpower of the world. The quest for happiness, peace and digital well-being has been accelerated by the pandemic due to lockdowns and online work and education. This disruption in life Maha’s made large corporations like Google invest largely into digital well-being.

The aim to release an India Happiness Index is to be able to find out how happy people are, which are the locations people are happy, and what makes them happy. This analysis will throw up reasons and outcomes which can help spread more happiness. India being spiritually rich will have an edge to become the happiness superpower of the world.

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