In Conversation with Sanjay Dua -The Man Behind Changing the Dynamics of Coaching with Mindfulness

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
with Sanjay Dua -The Man Behind Changing the Dynamics of Coaching with Mindfulness

Learning is a life-long process and age is no-bar to it. The pursuit of learning involves various stages of self-development and acquiring new skills which help one get ahead in life.  Sanjay Dua, is an MBA graduate (HR), Certified Life Coach, NLP, and a Mindfulness instructor who is the Founder and CEO of Dua’s Knowledge Potli, a Kolkata-based learning platform that provides customized courses for all age groups to enhance their skills and build their forte in order to transform their lives.

The platform was established in the year 2020 and has since then bridged the learning gap by providing specific target-based assignments aimed at transforming people’s vision to achieve their goals. Dua’s Knowledge Potli enables individuals to become better versions of themselves and make their contribution to society worthwhile.

In a short conversation with the Man behind changing the dynamics of Coaching with Mindfulness, Sanjay Dua, we got to know the insights about his entrepreneurial journey.

1. What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

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As an entrepreneur, I believe in the process of value creation. I keep looking for opportunities and situations where I am able to add value and build a sustainable platform for the participants, be it clients, trainees or anyone. I term this entire process of adding value propositions as an important building block for any entrepreneur.

2. What do you find most challenging about being an entrepreneur?

In today’s world where the competition is so fierce, juggling between tasks is one aspect but the most challenging part is staying relevant. According to my experience over the years, one cannot believe that he/she is ahead in the game at any point in time. An entrepreneur needs to keep himself abreast with the happenings around the world in order to stay relevant day in and day out. This is a continuous process. To a large extent, this affects business operations, staying updated with the ongoing trend, and things happening in the market and in the minds of people proves to be a challenge in daily life to a great extent.

3. How did you start your entrepreneurial journey?

I always wanted to do something different from the traditional society’s orientation. Becoming an entrepreneur was the ultimate goal all along and for me, carving my own path which did not support the existing social myths and the conventional way of working triggered my mind. Creating a different niche for myself was on my mind for a long and it finally got materialized in the year 2020 with Dua’s Knowledge Potli which helps individuals to become a better version of themselves.

4. According to you what makes an effective business leader?

The first and foremost aspect any leader should focus on is building relationships. Fostering relations, not just as and when required but creating sustainable and lasting ones is the core foundation for making an effective business leader. Secondly, one’s focus on execution is the other key aspect. Many people are not able to make a mark for themselves and are left behind as they are too busy designing strategies or planning them. In my opinion, execution is a vital role undertaken by effective business leaders as it is critical to success and reflects a leader’s decision-making capacity to execute what’s on paper to action.

5. Your Coaching has changed so many lives, how did you explore that you have the power to make the ordinary ways of living extraordinary?

Dua’s Knowledge Potli curates a learning experience well-suited to boost an individual’s capabilities and helps people find their purpose in life. I derive this power from my childhood upbringing which gave me the experience of understanding human behavior and emotions at a very young age. Experiencing this facet at such a juncture gave me the mental strength to make the right decisions and help others with my expertise.

6. What is your future plan for expansion?

In terms of expansion, I plan to build a sustainable value system, particularly among teenagers as they are the most vulnerable ones. The age group of 13 to 18 is significant because the experience from this age helps one build their self-identity and shape one’s perception. In this respect, Dua’s Knowledge Potli is soon coming up with intriguing workshops to channel their mindset in the right direction as today’s youth would be the force involved in building tomorrow’s nation.

7. What do you consider non-negotiable in your business?

Integrity and work ethics are the two non-negotiables in my business. According to me, while conducting business even with people you are close to, professional ethics is mandatory.

8. What have been your most significant failures, and what did you learn from them?

I don’t believe in failures. I believe in learning. Every experience teaches you something and there have been many instances that gave me the impetus to learn, adapt and move ahead. I follow the principle of unlearning things that no longer serve me and re-learn things that adds value to my life.

9. Duas Knowledge Potli is a big team now. What do you look for when building a team?

The most important aspect while building a team is sharing a common vision. If the firm’s values, vision, and goals are aligned with other team members’ values and are to an extent equivalently followed, the force moves in one direction. Otherwise, if the goal is not shared, and the leader sets a target, the entire force will move in separate directions and the team will not prosper.

10. What advice would you give to someone just starting a business?

Self-belief is the most essential factor for building one’s foundation in the business sphere. Feeding one’s mind with a positive connotation that ‘I will succeed’ goes a long way as there will always be people who pull you down and make fun of your goals.

Following the 3Ps – Practice, Passion, and Perseverance are extremely important.  For someone just starting a business, things take time to change, and thinking about people in the world who don’t believe in your vision should be the least of your worries.

Sanjay states that having an open mindset while approaching situations in life or exploring the unknown gives an individual the strength to sail through hard times or chaos in life with ease. Realizing one’s mental and emotional strength plays a great role in boosting the capability of the human body like self-awareness leads to growth. Sanjay believes that tackling the curve balls life throws at us becomes much easier when individuals realize their self-worth and find their purpose in life rather than trying to become a part of the rat race.

The human urge to identify with the same league of thoughts often derails an individual from following his/her true calling. Sanjay’s venture, Dua’s Knowledge Potli is a set-up that helps individuals realize their true potential by helping them find their inner selves, and align with their purpose, values, and goals. This mindful inward reflection changes one’s perspective and makes it easier to cope with everyday life’s challenges.

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