Imlie Written Updates: Chini to exchange the mehendi with Spinach puree

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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Imlie, a popular Star Plus show, will feature some intriguing drama in upcoming episodes. On the one hand, Imlie is rejected by Narmada because the latter blames her for her parent’s deaths. Imlie, on the other hand, is chastised for her simple way of life. Will Atharv transform her life, or will Chini take Atharv away from Imlie? It will be exciting to see what awaits us.

Imlie previously expressed gratitude to Atharv for halting Chini’s transfer. As he walked away, Chini mocked Rupy’s failed plan. Rupy stated that she will keep an eye on Chini. When his car didn’t start, Atharv became irritated. The car engine started after Imlie asked him to be patient. Imlie’s poems impressed him, but she kept the fact that she is the poet hidden from him.

Anu later used bride swapping to persuade Chini to marry Atharv. After a while, everyone accepted her as his wife. Kia and Akash had already planned to marry Atharv to Imlie. Later, Meethi attended Imlie’s mehendi, and both Chini and Imlie happily hugged her.

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Anu attempted to show Meethi the real location, and she caused a waiter to collapse. Imlie slipped, but she was saved from falling by someone.

Chini will save Imlie from falling in the upcoming episodes, which will irritate Anu. She’ll tell Chini to start planning something against Imlie right away. Chini will believe that even Atharv’s family is plotting against her, so she will decide to ruin Imlie’s mehendi ceremony. She plans to replace the mehendi with spinach puree.

Imlie will dance with Atharv before waiting for Chini before the ritual begins. Atharv will fall in love with Chini, and the latter will not stop him. Imlie will smell like roses after the mehendi. Later, Atharv will inadvertently fall on Imlie, causing their hands to be touched. Arpita will apply mehendi to both of their hands and declare that their ritual is complete. Chini will be envious of them.

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