Imlie (Star Plus) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, New Entry and More

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Imlie’s Story Background

Imlie is an Indian television soap opera which premiers on Star Plus. It began in November 2020 and has been quite popular show. This show is adapted from the Bengali show Ishti Kutum which aired on Star Jalsha. It is produced by Gul Khan under the banner of 4 Lions Films. Imlie airs at 8.30pm on Star Plus daily. The show is also available on Disney+ Hostar.

The storyline of the show is very interesting. It revolves around a love triangle between a journalist, his fiancé and a tribal village girl. Due to heavy rainfall, journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi seeks shelter under a hut. However, when the villagers see them coming out of he hut together. They force Aditya to marry Imlie. Aditya and Imlie thus get married and he becomes in charge of her safety and well-being. Soon after, the lives of Aditya and Imlie gets intertwined in such a way that’s is almost unexpected. You can check out a small clip from the show here:

Imlie Upcoming Story

Imlie’s story is all set to take an interesting twist. In the latest promo, we can see that Imlie has left the Tripathi house to start her new life. She packs her bags and moves away from Aditya and Malini. According to recent developments, Malini is apprehensive that Aditya has gone to take Imlie back. Also, the police shows up at Aditya’s place and informs that some invader has entered his house. Now, let’s see what happens next.


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You can watch the latest promo here:

The Cast

Actor/Actress Character in the show
Sumbul Touqeer Khan Imlie Tripathi
Gashmeer Mahajani Aditya Kumar Tripathi (Imlie’s husband)
Fahmaan Khan Aryan Singh Rathore (Imlie’s Boss)
Mayuri Deshmukh Malini Chaturvedi (Imlie’s half-sister)
Indraneel Bhattacharya Dev Chaturvedi( Imlie’s father)
Kiran Khoje Meethi (Imlie’s mother)
Vijay Kumar Satyakam (Imlie’s step-father)
Naren Kumar Prakash (Imlie’s best friend)
Ritu Chaudhary Aparna Tripathi (Imlie’s mother-in-law)

This show is specifically popular because of various reasons. An amazing cast, well-written dialogues, great performance by the cast, cinematography, and attention to detailing of the show. This remake of the Bengali series has appealed to a greater audience. The story unfolds in an intense drama that keeps one hooks throughout.  The execution of the love triangle story has been really well put.  It depicts the complexities of love, life and relationships. The intricacies of realities of relationships is something that has been very well portrayed in the show.

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