I Refused To Do Naked Shots Or Sleep With The Director,” Said Nargis Fakhri

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Nargis Fakhri

There’s no denying the fact that the stellar and larger-than-life film or modeling industry is still male-dominated. Moreover, women are being objectified for ages in the showbiz industry. The recent instance of this typical notion is revealed by Nargis Fakhri, the Rockstar fame Pakistani- American model turned actress. She was last seen in the movie Dishoomfor a cameo.

However, it’s not the latest statement by Nargis Fakhri but she made the shocking revelations in the year 2019 in an interview with ex-adult movie star Britney De La Mora. Although it got the current limelight as Times Of India published an article on her past discussion. Due to which her statement is making rounds on the internet.

The host appreciated Nargis Fakhri for her lavish and exotic lifestyle and people look up to celebrities like her. But Nargis interrupted that “ It’sjust smoke and mirrors”.

 Thereafter, the interviewer asked, “How do you feel your fame has brought you happiness, or where’s your source of happiness?”. The reply of Nargis was rather unfortunate as the first experience of hers with fame was negative. Her line “It ruined my soul” is heartbreaking to hear for every girl out there who wishes to live like hers.

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She added that she has high moral values and standards due to her mother and she won’t pass these boundaries for fame. Nargis Fakhri apparent answer was that she won’t pose naked or sleep with the director for bagging offers. In the initial time of her career, she got the opportunity to work with Playboy magazine but as everyone knows what it’s famous for; nude or sexual photoshoots. That’s why she directly said “No”.

However, owing to Nargis Fakhri‘s pure ethics, and just because she won’t do ‘certain things, people would kick her out of the job. Consequently, many high-paying jobs slipped out of her hands. The good thing is she doesn’t regret losing such chances as her main priority is supporting her mother, sister financially, and emotionally. That’s all matters for her and she believes that she can earn from different sources. She prays to God every day that she finds those paths which consist of humble, decent, and upright people, she further added.

Right now, the actress is enjoying her time with her boyfriend Justin Santos and is away from the limelight. She is the famous Rockstar girl in Bollywood and with her charming looks, won many hearts through films like Madras Café, Housefull 3, Dishoom, Azhar, Kick, and so on. We hope to see her yet again on the big screen soon and most importantly the roles she desires for.

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