“I Hope That Karan Kundrra And Tejasswi Prakash Bring Their A-Game Back On Bigg Boss 15”, Says Akasa Singh

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Akasa Singh’s journey on Bigg Boss may have been short-live, but the Naagin-fame singer has made some bonds for keeps. The one that was highlight the most was her equation with Pratik Sehajpal. Akasa got mostly notice spending time with the latter. In fact, she recently sent some gifts to her favourite people inside the house.

Akasa’s gifts for the in house contestants

Talking about it, she says, “The jackets I sent for Pratik were basically me sending in my energies since I can’t be there. I know how lonely it gets inside the house. He was always there for me and made me feel better whenever I missed home. I was close to Karan Kundrra as well. Though I don’t always agree with the way he plays the game, life isn’t just about Bigg Boss. He will forever be my Nyaanu and I sent face and eye masks for him. I sent a few things for Umar Riaz and Nishant Bhat as well.”

While she is yearning to meet her friends again, she admits that it is rather difficult to watch the show. She shares, “I am going through a feeling of FOMO. I got out at a stage where I had started understanding the game. So, it seems like an unfinished business. A lot of people tell me that I wasn’t seen much on the show. All I want to say is that it’s quite a task to encapsulate all the events and happenings in a day in an hour-long episode. Another reason why I may not have been seen so much was that I didn’t talk ill about people I was nice to on their faces. I can’t pretend. And see that happening a lot on the show. I just feel that people should own up to their actions. Be proud of your game instead of pacifying people after wronging them.”

She also feels that Karan’s game has taken a back seat in the past few weeks. “I am all for Karan-neeti and TejRan (short for Tejasswi Prakash and Karan). He does know how to play the game. However, at the moment, he is coming across as more invested in this (his relationship with Tejasswi) than the game. It’s disappointing to see his performance getting affected. I hope that Karan and Tejasswi bring their A-game back. Now, I am someone who cares about relationships than anything else but inside the house, it should be kept separate,” she concludes.

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About Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15, also known as Bigg Boss: “Sankat in Jungle” or Bigg Boss: Pan Pana Pan Pandrah, is the fifteenth season of the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss. It premiered on 2 October 2021 on Colors TV. Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss for the twelfth time.


All housemates will be given a survival kit with a few essentials throughout the season and will get fewer facilities this time. The housemates will enter a small jungle house which has a small kitchen, no beds and sofa and bathroom for the first 3 weeks.

The housemates who will survive the jungle will enter the main luxurious house. There is a wishful tree in the garden area name Vishwasuntree. Who is the queen of the magical jungle in the house who will give advantages? And privileges to the contestants who perform well in the jungle. On Day 36, Salman announces that there will be a new zone name VIP Zone. The members who are in VIP Zone are eligible to be in the finale

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