Hrithik Vardhan, Son of sitamarhi district showed amazing by hacking the hacker’s own system

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Hrithik Vardhan

Hrithik Vardhan, a resident of Sitamarhi district from Bihar state, did wonder. Vardhan receives a message on WhatsApp from a foreign number at 2:29 pm, it is written in the message.

Are you ready for paid ads?

We’ll pay you $800 per ad. If you are interested please give me feedback as soon as possible. Then Vardhan thought that it should be taken a little spin, Vardhan says yes to take the advertisement, the further process goes on, further, the hacker says that I have sent you an invitation on your mail, please open the mail and become a member of our business and Add your page to the business manager so that I will keep giving you ads on your page for which I will keep paying you $800. Vardhan thought that if it is actually an advertiser, then he would have asked us only for the role of advertiser, but it was asking me to add my page to that business manager by adding it to the business manager. Let us tell you that Hrithik Vardhan is an Indian Entrepreneur interested in acting and is the operator of a private company Metolite which works digitally.

Now the wonderful things start from here. Which belongs to the Portuguese state of Venezuela.
There were almost many business pages in that business manager. A woman posted that this page is mine someone has hacked our page Ana Arvelo who belongs to the city of Guanare in the state of Portugal, Venezuela. Vardhan thought that I will quickly shift this page to my ID so that Ana Arvelo can be helped, then quickly Vardhan shifted this page to his ID, All the hacker’s accomplices who were added to that page were removed from access. Then Vardhan made the woman return the page. This shows that if you ask for any kind of access, you should not give it or if it is understood directly in the language, do not give any access to anyone by clicking on any type of link, hacking your information by making a spam by the phishing process. Or send a special link to hack property, on which as soon as you click, the hacker has complete access to your mobile / computer device, which can steal important things or anything from your mobile and computer.

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Important things

This news is from the rescue of a Facebook page named “Expression Phrases”. This page serves as motivation for the city of Guanare. With which thousands of people of the city are connected. The city of Guanare is the capital and most populous city of the state of Portuguesa, Venezuela. Had this page not been for rescue, thousands of people could have been given the wrong motivation. Which was rescued by Hrithik Vardhan, a resident of Sitamarhi city, and brightened the name of the country of India and the state of Bihar.

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