Hrithik Roshan Opened About His Father’s Rakesh Roshan Struggling Days

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Hrithik Roshan

Rakesh Roshan is one of the legendary actor and Filmmaker Bollywood can ever have . His life was full of ups and down .Although he suffered in many ways but he didn’t gave up and now has reach this level of fame and name .

Hrithik Roshan opened up about his father struggles and explained how his childhood was not always so easy. He had a rough childhood when he struggled with a lack of confidence, a stutter and financial insecurity.

Back in 2006 Rakesh Roshan’s son and popular actor Hrithik Roshan with his ex wife Sussanne Khan appeared for an interview Simi Garewal, where they spoke about Rakesh Roshan’s financial struggles and how there was a time he was not even able to pay house rent. His mother Pinky Roshan took him and his sister to their grandparents house and she lived with Rakesh alone.

“Until the time my dad could earn enough money to buy another house. And then we shifted into another house which was barely just walls and floors. We slept on gaddas, these mats and slowly got the furniture in,” Hrithik said. The actor was 9 at that time.

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Later in 2017 Rakesh Roshan opened up about his struggling this and how he did not give up and kept trying, even though he didn’t get major roles in the films. After sometime he finally decided to move into production and filmmaking. “As an actor, I was not that successful but I kept trying. I never moved ahead in my career despite some of my movies doing well. So I started producing films and then moved to direction. Now, when I look back I feel happy. Back then, I had no idea how I will get the money to run my house. I had two children, a wife and a family to look after. But somehow we always managed. Maybe God had a plan for me to become a producer and director,” he said. 

But being busy and fully focusing on his career  he didn’t get enough time to give to his family and always regret it . As he didn’t get enough time to give to his family and children. In an interview to DNA, he once mentioned that Hrithik was ‘closer’ to his mother. “He was always closer to his mom. I was struggling to make my mark at the time, so I could not spend much time with my children. But I would make sure we went for holidays. I would join them just for about three or four days. Growing up may have been tough for them because I could not give them everything as I couldn’t afford it. But I made sure I brought them up really nicely,” Rakesh Roshan had said.

Rakesh Roshan is very proud of his son and love the way how his fans idolise him and adore him so much. Although he failed as an actor but is proud of his son for succeeding in it. “He has worked really hard. I failed as an actor. But like any parent, I wanted my son to live my dreams. Hrithik has done the things I could not do in my life. He’s a superstar, he is idolised by so many across the world. But he’s my son and he makes me a proud father. He has had his ups and downs in his career and I feel it should always happen because that’s how he will learn from his mistakes,” he said.

Hrithik Roshan has worked with his father on films such as Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish and Krrish 3. The duo are also working on the next Krrish film together.

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