How Housiey is Redefining the Prop-tech Industry by Prioritizing the Home Buyer

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
How Housiey is Redefining the Prop-tech Industry by Prioritizing the Home Buyer

As the prop-tech landscape continues to burgeon in India, one startup is making waves by changing the narrative. Housiey, the fastest-growing prop-tech startup in the country, has differentiated itself from the crowd by shifting the industry focus onto the home buyer.

Traditionally, the real estate market has been inundated with intermediaries, with brokers often complicating the process. But Housiey has deftly sidestepped this hurdle by fostering direct connections between home buyers and builders. This unconventional approach has won them widespread acclaim and sparked a transformation within the industry.

The traditional model of real estate transactions, although tried and tested, often left buyers feeling overwhelmed. Dealing with multiple brokers, understanding complex property details, and verifying the credibility of builders made home buying a daunting process. This experience starkly contrasts with Housiey’s unique approach, which simplifies the process by providing buyers with direct access to builders and comprehensive property details on a single platform.

Furthermore, Housiey’s new feature, Online Site Visit, has been hailed as a game-changer. It brings another level of transparency and convenience, enabling potential home buyers to explore properties digitally before scheduling physical visits. In comparison, other prop-tech firms are still playing catch-up with this innovative tool.

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“The focus has always been on the buyer,” says Ankit Agarwal, Founder of Housiey. “We understand the pain points of home buying in India and have designed our platform to alleviate these challenges. In doing so, we believe we have carved out a unique space for ourselves in the prop-tech industry.”

The results speak for themselves. Housiey’s phenomenal growth and successful facilitation of over INR 2300 crores in property transactions underscore the validity and success of their buyer-centric approach. As other prop-tech firms take note, it’s clear that Housiey’s strategy of prioritizing the buyer’s experience is setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Looking ahead, the real question for the prop-tech sector is no longer about merely digitizing the real estate process. It is about who can provide the most seamless, efficient, and buyer-friendly experience. On this front, Housiey is undoubtedly leading the pack and reshaping India’s real estate industry one home buyer at a time.

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