How Chicago Santana Made his Money

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Chicago Santana was born Santana Sylvania Woods on 4/23/1995. He was born in Landover in the Maryland area & grew up in Washington D.C

In this article, we will trace the journey of music producer Chicago Santana to discover how he made his money. With a net worth of 500-800k, the 27-year-old has left a lasting impact on the music scene.

The first thing that Chicago Sanatana did was to do what you love. He has been in love with music for as long as he can remember. His interest became particularly pronounced when he was between 5-6 years old.

Secondly, young rappers must not shy away from showing off their talent. Rapping is very much about showmanship and open expression. Santana used to routinely perform freestyle rap in front of his school friends.

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Thirdly, appreciate your environment. Santana grew up in a rough lower-middle-class neighbourhood of Landover, Maryland. There he faced was a doubly brutal combination of poverty and lack of infrastructure. But, Santana believes that rough neighbourhoods create ambitious people who are willing to ‘hustle’ their way out.

Fourthly, mentors matter. There would not be a Chicago Santana without Michael Hughes. Chicago was simply a studio hobbyist when Hughes saw potential in him and gave him career opportunities.

Fifthly, stay humble. When some top-notch artists reach out to Chicago, he does not get full of himself. Far from that, he willingly takes up collaborations. The result is that Chicago Santana now has collaborations with the likes of Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane.

Chicago Santana was born in Landover, Maryland, Chicago and grew up in the D.C area. He utilized music as a stress-alleviation tool. High crime and racial tensions continue to haunt American society and things around him were quite unstable.

Santana took to writing and composition to take his mind off of it all. Budding musicians would be wise to do the same.

Seventhly, Santana refuses to sign with big labels and industry hegemons. He has chosen to make a name for himself as an independent artist. Chicago has teamed up with fellow rapper Money Pistol to create the record label ATM- short for ‘Advanced Trap Music’. ‘

Another long but sure road to excellence is this. Do not forget your roots. Chicago Santana dedicates his next mixtape to the streets of his neighbourhood.

Overcoming adversities is key for anyone that nurses ambition. After being dismissed on charges of federal homicide, drug trafficking and firearms trade that were later dismissed, Chicago is returning to the scene with new music.

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