How Asma Gulzar Continues To Strengthen Her Legacy in The Indian Fashion Industry

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Asma Gulzar

Asma Gulzar emerged as a designer back in 2003 when she was a fresh-faced NIFT Graduate. It was clear from the get-go that she is an unstoppable force, and highly committed to her craft. Asma’s ambitions and promise helped her rise the ladder of the fashion world and just 5 years after her introduction to the industry, she debuted her first collection as an independent designer.

Asma Gulzar with Sonu Sood

In 2008, she opened the doors to her independent label, “Aida Couture”.

At Aida Couture, Asma continues to explore the depths and intricacies of traditional Indian designs and adapt these elements in her own work. Indo-fusion designs have come to be her signature and can be identified easily. Even A-listers like Malaika Arora, Nushrat Barucha, Pooja Batra, Celina Jetli, and Debolina have been seen sporting Asma Gulzar’s designs.

Asma Gulzar describes her approach to fashion as an ode to the rich heritage of our country. She says, “Every corner of our country has a treasure chest of traditions and culture, and it brings me immense joy to find hidden gems and untold stories, and then weave them into my designs.”.

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She adds, “With technology and the internet, our world is coming together and we all are developing a new application for each other’s culture, but we are also losing touch with our roots. And that prospect really saddens me. I am always going to celebrate India and its heritage through my work, because I believe in preserving its uniqueness and significance.”.

Asma’s concerns are not unfounded, with increasing global communication and faster shipping times, fashion is not localised anymore. Teens and millennials all over the globe share similar aesthetic tastes and outfits – and while it brings them all closer, enables them to explore their identities and build an international community, it is a necessity to stay in touch with one’s roots and have an appreciation of our own pasts. Asma Gulzar holds the link between today and yesterday. Her designs have a modern practicality and a timeless allure, and showcase the beauty of Indian femininity on an international stage.

Her modern ethnic designs can be found in luxury stores across Delhi and Dubai; The Aida Couture flagship store in New Delhi carries her latest collection, “Malak”.

Apart from commercial success, Asma has also found artistic acclaim for her work. Many in the industry look up to her and come to her when in need of guidance and advice. She has worked with international production houses on shows like BollyGoods Edition 2 as the lead designer. She also played a key role in the Asian Trunk Show in London, and made an appearance on BBC Sunrise Radio for a Style Statement. In 2018, Asma achieved British Parliament Awards by the British Parliament, UK.

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