How A Small Town Boy Is Making Ramarkable Contribution Towards India’s Development.

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Manish Madhavan

A country requires both educationists and entrepreneurs for its development. Here’s the amazing story of Manish Madhavan, who as an educationist as well an entrepreneur, is making a key contribution to India’s development.

Manish, 36, is a young and dynamic man from Bhilai, a small town of Chhattisgarh who is successfully juggling several businesses. He believes education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.  Manish started as an educationist and excelled in it before eventually becoming an entrepreneur, who leads several businesses, including his latest venture, The Lead Barrels Pvt. Ltd.

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Manish Madhavan’s amazing journey so far

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Manish belongs to the Malayali community and was born in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. He spent the majority of his childhood with his maternal grandparents. His grandfather, who was an exceptional teacher in his early days, was the inspiration behind Manish’s foray and long-standing career in education.

His grandparents not only set him on the proper path, but they also instilled ideals and ideas in him that continue to impact his life. From humble beginnings to establishing a complete educational institute at a young age and going on to co-found his own distance learning institute, Manish has surely forged his way into the area of education. He intends to make a significant contribution to the education and empowerment of India’s girl child.

Manish has always been a self-motivated go-getter. He is also self-dependent young man, who started working at the age of 18 to support himself, while he was still studying. Manish completed his secondary education at MGM Senior Secondary School before moving to Pune, the Oxford of the East, for further studies. He earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the reputed university.

Manish stepped into the field of education with his very first job, which was with an educational institute. He represented the institute in several states while also working as a student counselor. Due to his administrative expertise, Manish was soon entrusted with the managerial duties of the entire institute.

After his stint with the institute, Manish went on to serve as Joint secretory of the Automobile Society India, where he successfully launched and executed skill development programs of the National Skill Development Council (NSDC), Government of India for the Automobile Society India as well as the Technician Membership Examination and Associate Membership Examination programs of the society across India.

Manish is also recognized for founding Arunachal Pradesh’s first private technical university, North East Frontier Technical University (NEFTU).

His vast experience in the education sector eventually led Manish to launch his distance learning institute Lernovate Education amid the current pandemic, in 2020.

Manish currently serves in a managerial position at Balan Ispat And Forging Pvt. Ltd. He has recently launched Lead Barrels, his new venture that specializes in lead generation, and many other services.

The businesses that Manish Madhavan leads and the key roles he plays in them

Manish is a co-founder of Learnovate Educations. He also serves as the Chairman of the distance learning institute, which offers a vast range of courses in affiliation with the best universities across the world.

Manish is a co-founder of The Lead Barrels Pvt. Ltd., his latest startup that specializes in lead generation, account profiling, email marketing, digital marketing, IT services, BPO, and data solutions.

Besides this, Manish has also been playing a key role in several other businesses as follows:

Co-Founder & Managing Director at Balan Ispat & Forging Pvt. Ltd. – Manish is a member of the core management team at Balan Ispat & Forging Pvt. Ltd., where he specializes in liasoning and policy formulations in addition to overseeing the administrative wing.

Manish delivers top-tier consultancy services specialized in educational institutes, with an end-to-end setup, liasoning experience, and an outstanding professional network.

His extensive experience in a wide range of fields makes him an outstanding choice for providing consulting services to new and rising institutes, not just in the education sector, but in many others as well.

Liaisoning Services- When it comes to establishing businesses and institutes, Manish Madhavan can be your go-to person for end-to-end liasoning services. His consulting skills also encompass professional network management and policy development.

Honorary position as Joint Secretary of Automobile Society India, the sponsoring organization of North East Frontier Technical University (NEFTU).

Manish’s life at the moment

Manish Madhavan is living an extremely active life, at present. He is sharing focus between his educationist role and his management role at Balan Ispat And Forging Pvt. Ltd. Manish is currently working with the company to create a manufacturing plant in the field of forging in his home state of Chhattisgarh. This facility will significantly boost development in the region.

Manish is also working to take his new company, Lead Barrels, to the next level.

He is an exceptional asset to any professional environment due to his fluency in numerous languages such as English, Hindi, and Malayalam, as well as his unrivaled professional network in many locations owing to his diverse job.

Manish currently resides in Bengaluru with his wife Aastha. The couple has two wonderful children, Ayaansh, a son, and Anaysha, a daughter.

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