Hotstar Specials Human: A Sensational Medical Thriller


Bollywood has the uncanny knack of making movies at times that bring the audience on the edge of their seats. Bollywood has covered a cluster of subjects for generations now. But one area that directors have been ignoring over the years is medical scams. Yes, marvels like Ankur Arora Murder Case gave us some glimpse of how inhuman the medical world can be. But that was 2013, a long time ago. Since then only a few have touched this sensitive subject. In 2022, Disney Hotstar Specials Human is a suprise for the viewers. It is a medical thriller, starring Shefali Shah and Kriti Kulhari.

Plot of Hotstar Specials Human

Dr. Saira Sawarwal( Kriti Kulhari) is ecstatic to join Manthan. It is a multi-speciality hospital headed by India’s one of most celebrated neurosurgeons Gauri Nath( Sefali Shah) and her husband ( Ram Kapoor). Gauri has complete control over the operations of her hospital and is lauded as a messiah.  During that time, human trials of dicey drugs are on practice before their release in the market on unwitting poor and innocent people in the most unethical ways inside the hospital which would eventually unfold to Saira.

Reason to watch Hotstar Specials Human

We are very much skeptical about the safety of Covid 19 vaccines. This series has hit that zone hard. It did so through a sensational storyline. The plot points to a comprehensive narrative of uncharted scandals that is happening behind the scenes in the realm of medical science. So it will leave the audience entirely shocked. The script gets a boost from the inclusion of issues like Bhopal gas tragedy and class divide.

Performances of lead actors 

This Vipul Shah-Mozez Singh creation gets an outstanding backing of the lead actresses. Sefali Shah has delivered one of her lifetime performances in this drama. She drowns herself deeply in her complex, multifaceted character. The ace actress adds weight to every angle of her character. She is cool and collected mind at her hospital. But she turns vulnerable with her old buddy Roma Ma (as played by Seema Biswas).No doubt she is versatility personified. And Kriti Kulhari,  it seems the underrated actress is rediscovering herself every time she appears before the camera and has not failed to stun us in this series too.

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Supporting cast 

The duo get a very good support from the stellar ensamble cast like Seema Biswas, Mohan Agase, Ram Kapoor. The production design looks realistic. The cinematography and background score are good enough to go in line with the technicalities of an OTT release.

Disney Hostar’s new web series Human makes for a scintillating, binge-worthy watch as a top-quality medical thriller with a novel concept and unpredictable narrative. It is a highly intense series. Hence, although it is  intriguing for viewers to watch with one disclaimer – faint-hearted, take it easy.


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