Hostlelo By Zubair Shaikh’s brings hosting services at unbelievable costs and incentives

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Zubair Shaikh

Ever since the world integrated on the web, a need was felt by businesses to digitalize their day-to-day activities and today many businesses operate only virtually, saving them massive costs of physical infrastructure. But post the covid-19 pandemic, there is a need for businesses of all shapes and sizes along with individuals who give their services online to have a virtual physical office to showcase their expertise.

A website works as this virtual representative of your business or individual skillsets, which is approved across the globe, but the cost of purchasing yearly hosting, domain, SSL and other data backup-related necessary elements has shown to have strained a beginner or startup’s pockets. This was noticed by the visionary Bollywood lyricist Zubair Shaikh who  set out to find ideas for his startup with a paltry sum of 1500 rupees.

After carefully researching all the available options to start his venture, he figured out that many like him wanted to start a bootstrapped business but were hesitant because of the costs that website building comes with. That is when he found the idea behind his startup, which in a matter of months skyrocketed to become the most sought-after affordable hosting solutions company, that gave access to premium services starting at less than a dollar per month.

Zubair’s initiative called ‘Hostlelo’, is hands down the most affordable hosting service platform which has a plan for everyone . With their 24*7 customer support and free backups which is rare amongst several hosting providers, it’s customers have been swearing by it’s state-of-the-art performance.

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It’s founder, a gully boy and renowned Bollywood lyricist Zubair Shaikh has set precedents of success and appreciation from aspiring entrepreneurs who have been looking for a way to sneak into building their virtual address but were feeling intimidated due to the bundle of costs associated with the same.

Having himself face the ire of building a virtual business by himself, Zubair given birth to light in the dreams of many who are now leveraging their business that they started with a very low amount.

Having born in a slum, he values money more than anything and believes that no cost can be associated to someone’s dreams, today, he is not only generating scores of dollars each month by the skyrocketing  increase in his brand value by thousands, but has earned fame as a dexterous lyricist who carved his way to bollywood by his own determination and hard work.

The man is the parabola of consistent perseverance and the courage to not only dream but go about hunting those dreams left, right and centre while being devoid of the resources to reach there.

He is not only giving hope to many but a practical solution to switching your personal brand online with premium services at the most cheapest rates that one can imagine.

True it is, that success comes to those who aim big, he is testimony to the fact that great success comes with great willpower and aim in life. Today, ‘Hostlelo’ is not only limited to being the first choice of startups and freelancers or blog writers, but it has also gotten recognition from the biggest brands in the industry.

Several of it’s recurring customers like and have sworn by it’s fast load time and power pact performance, which signifies that even though ‘Hostlelo’ cuts the costs for it’s customers substantially, the quality of hosting services is never compromised. Such initiatives are the need of the hour in today’s day and age for future business owners to kickstart their web career.

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